Friday Fictioneers… THE CHAIRS

Rochelle is turning back the Hands of Time at Friday Fictioneers. Called, taking the holidays off… well deserved I might add. So, I dug back into the TedBook Archives and found the story I did for this photo prompt by Jean L. Hays.  The date was December 28, 2012. Enjoy.

For my Friday Fictioneers friends, check out the original post at the bottom and see how many that commented are still with us.


THE CHAIRS… a Drabble for Friday Fictioneers

Chairs, or lack of… it was down to ergonomics now. Douglas had his proven recipes and even decided on the background music. But to lure people in, to clack away on the next Great American Novel, required comfort.  And, Doug planned big. Soon maybe the next Canterbury Tales or something for Bollywood, as he would go global with his empire.   Colors, fabrics, and shapes danced in his head, as did slogans, jingles, and logos.

The honking horn shattered his reverie. Doug slid open the window and put out his tip jar. The silver mini-van pulled up with his first customer.


A beautiful photo prompt this week by Rochelle‘s friend,  Jean Hays, who created the Ab Fab stained glass panel.  When I was in Sacramento, I lived on Fulton Ave.  I wonder what is at 708?  Maybe this coffee shop.  Here are the 2015 stories on this prompt…


To see my original story from 2012, I changed a little bit today, mostly punctuation… View Original Story

9 responses

  1. Dear Ted,

    Harsh reality has a way of crashing in on dreams and plans, doesn’t it? Hopefully Douglas won’t let reality keep him down. Well done. Now I’m going back to see who said what way back when. 😉



  2. Dream big! But keep your feet on the ground to move forward!

  3. He’ll do it. Nice story and a likable character.

  4. This is a food truck right? I love food truck food, especially when they go out of their way to make a whole to-do outside and it can be most excellent. I’m thinking of this one place in Hawaii. I’m sure he’ll get where he wants to be in time.

    1. No, it’s a drive-thru coffee stand. I love food trucks too…

  5. Oh .. I had not read this one (even if I was writing for FF in 2012)… I hope it’s still a beginning of something much bigger.

  6. There’s optimism here, even if it’s not in the present moment. Someday, Douglas, someday…

  7. Got me! We can all dream. No?

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