Best Friends








Best Friends… a story by Ula Grace

        I was five years old when they moved in across the street. They had a little girl the same age as me, and I wanted to meet her so bad, but I was too shy. One day as I was playing in the street on my trike, I was riding it up and down the road in front of our houses, I fell over. I started crying and then there she was, kneeling next to me asking if I was ok. She leaned down and kissed my knee, “There. All better.” She said, smiling.

       I looked up at her and smiled back, “Yeah, all better.”

       From then on we were inseparable, we did everything together, I waited with her in hospital while her baby brother was being born. I held her hand on the first day of high school, as we walked through the doors, I helped her get ready for her first date, she was so excited. I was there when she came home that night; I was the one who comforted her when it all came crashing down. I was the first one who she told her biggest secret. I was the one who picked her up off the floor of the cafeteria, the one who dried her eyes and cleaned the cuts and bruises. I was the one who kissed all the wounds.

       The one who kissed her lips and whispered, “All better.”

       And I’m the one who has a diamond ring in my purse, the one who is desperately hoping that she will say yes.

✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤  ✤

A short story by frequent contributor Ula Grace.  Miss Grace is familiar to regulars as TedBook’s foreign correspondent and is the author of ‘The Cuban Diary’ found here. She attends Spring Street International School and is currently in the ninth grade.  


The illustration of the little girl on the tricycle is by Tom Hessel 






11 responses

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Most excellent Ula Grace!!

  3. beautiful Story Ula Grace, well done

  4. What a heartwarming story. Excellent job Ula Grace. TWO THUMBS UP!!

  5. Melissa Shaw-Smith | Reply

    Talented young lady!

  6. beautiful story and well written, I felt like I was actually there. Great work, txs for including me.

  7. Powerful story with a fabulous climax. Keep writing Ula Grace. I look forward to buying your first hard copy published work.

    1. You won’t have to buy it, Kate.

      1. It is great for her that you are confident she will be a published author one day. Encouragement means everything doesn’t it? I have a niece who is obsessed with writing and making books. She made her first ‘book’ before she could even read fluently. I’m sure writing will be part of her career, if not her only career. She is finishing school this year, so will be very interesting to see what she does at University.

  8. Very nice Ula Grace. Redbook is fortunate to have you as a writer. Can’t wait to read more.

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