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The other day I was driving up a mountain on a steep gravel road, when I was greeted by these characters.  I knew in an instant who lived there… one of my favorite artists… Maria Michaelson.


I stopped to take some pics and say Hell0.




Maria is an amazing sculptress working in Clay and Bronze.  I bought a piece of hers called ‘Tempest’ at an art show a few years ago and fell in love with her work.  She also teaches ceramics classes, and I am taking one in a few weeks, we will be making three foot tall sculptures of ourselfs… so stay tuned and see what I produce (I was a potter once, but never did any sculptures)… I’ll probably take a few pics too.  Here is the ‘Tempest’… if you are ever in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, I’ll show it to you.


To see Maria’s…

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9 responses

  1. Ted – this is awesome!

    1. It truly is… I can’t wait to take the class… be sure to see her works on her website.

      Guess what? I’m writing a story for FridayFictioneers right now! First one in a long time.

      1. If you’re getting back into it, and I hope you are, check out grammar ghoul press. Suzanne Purkis’ new site. It’s a lot of fun but we could sure use more players.

      2. I’m well acquainted with Ms Purkis… and the Ghouls. I’ll be making the rounds, TNK…

  2. Whoa. That’s all I can say.

    1. That’s what I said when I walked into the art show, and then saw her place on that road. I hadn’t been up that way in years.

  3. Those are impressive sculptures!

  4. Amazing! Hope your class is going beautifully. When do we get to see the finished product? 🙂

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