Friday Fictioneers… MUCKING OUT



MUCKING OUT …A Drabble for FriFic

At a brownstone in Wicker Park, the new apartment manager goes to work…

“Where do we start?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, ‘What do I mean’, Ethel? You asked for help, this place is a disaster! Who the hell was this Doug guy, look at this junk!”

“He was a sweet guy, very poetic, and he loved the sea. Did I tell you he was a submarine commander once?”

“Didn’t look the sailor type to me, Ethel, more of a mountain climber, and definitely not a poet.”

“That’s why he moved to Hawaii, to live on a mountain. Pick something out, Cheryl.”

“He took all the good stuff, Ethel!!!”

⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇ ⚇

Friday Fictioneers’ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has given us a photo by her BFF Douglas M. MacIlroy.  To see a story I wrote about meeting Doug ➸ ABOVE THE CLOUDS

To see other stories based on Doug’s photo ➸ 


35 responses

  1. Lovely use of Doug’s picture – never would have thought of it myself. Well done, Ted.

    1. Thanks, Alicia… one of those photos where you start to look at the individual things for something and then it just came to me… the whole thing!

  2. Dear Ted,

    Doug certainly took all the discs with him. Poetic? Sweet? Very. 😉 Glad you posted. Nice.



    1. We know those were the first things packed. Thanks, Rochelle, and thanks for running the show.

  3. I think had I named one of them Ethyl, the other would have to have been Lucy!
    Great story.

    1. It does sound like them, doesn’t it… but it’s not. But I feel their influence. My Cheryl would be their Ethel.

  4. Ha ha. Funny, Ted. This picture looks like Doug to me. Perhaps it’s the connection to the sea. I would pick out the clock. 🙂

    1. I’ll have to find your story and see what you picked, Amy… thanks.

  5. Ah.. We all complain about pack-rats – but at the end we all want a share..

  6. Dear Ted,

    I was sounding decidedly dead there in the first part of your story. I’m glad you moved me to the right place and that I seem to still be alive. You stitched together a compelling narrative about this Doug character. I hear a hurricane is coming to blow him off the mountain this Saturday. We got our first snow of the year up there three days ago. Wich me luck.



    1. Aloha, Doug… I’m glad you caught that. Better stay on top during the storm. Hope there’s more than candy and nuts to eat.

  7. Too good to not laugh out aloud! Doug must be awful pleased to see the multitudinous thoughts his picture inspires 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you laughed.

  8. Can I have the bottles? Some of them might still have something in them.

    Loved this story, Ted. Made me laugh out loud.

    1. You are so bad, Claire… oh, maybe you meant a note or something…

  9. I’m with Claire! ^^
    Fun story, Ted.

  10. Dear Ted, You really have a way to dissect a prompt and find the best of any thing! Love the story! Good job! Enjoyable too! Nan 🙂

  11. Oh dear, Ted. You’re getting positively addicted to these Cheryl and Ethel stories of yours. The addition of our own Doug to the story line made for some fun too. Glad he’s just moved on. It won’t do to have you killing off Friday Fictioneers on your blog.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  12. Wait! That should read “You’re getting ME positively addicted.” Please accept my deepest apologies for any aspersions on your character, which I am certain is in no way an addictive personality, that I unwitting cast with my typo above.


  13. Nice story about and for Doug. Made me smile. Randy

  14. Doug lives on a mountain in Hawaii? Nah, he would have never left this item behind. Interesting tale about the progenitor of the picture which seems to fit the bill just right!

  15. Love how you did this. Very entertaining. Marg

  16. Ha Ha! That’s a nice take on the photo (and the photo contributor).

  17. Jenkies! I’ve only been here 2 weeks and I knew who you were talking about, fun story and a great group!

    1. He is quite infamous famous in these circles… Thanks for reading!

  18. Very funny. I’m glad to see Ethel values what Doug has left behind – Cheryl needs a little more educating obviously.

  19. Ted, Funny story with great dialogue. Doug must have left in a hurry to leave so much behind. 😀 Well written. 🙂 — Susan

  20. Must have headed to the big island?

    1. Right as rain, Shelley.

  21. Niesamowite dzieło artysty.
    Pozdrawiam. 🙂

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