HORRU… Thru a Pinhole!

jesús joglar 1


I recently received this photograph in the mail.  Jesús Joglar, who specializes in pinhole photography sent it to me from Barcelona, Spain.  I was involved in a postcard exchange and was delighted when this month’s postcardpal sent me such an interesting print.  I was going to post the photo on my photoblog, but thought it really should be on TedBook for all to see.  Here is the information Jesús furnished describing the photo.

Enclosed please find a contact copy of my pinhole photograph entitled ‘horru’, the name of the raised granary, a typical way of keeping the food (corn grain, pork cured meat, etc.) in Asturias, a region in the North coast of Spain where I come from.

I made it with a Zero Image 45 pinhole camera with a pinhole ø of 0.28 mm, a focal length of 50 mm, what gives an f/176 and <116˚ using 4×5 black&white Fomapan 200 [ISO 200] film with an exposition time of 10 sec.  I developed in homebrewed Ilford ID-11 stock at 20˚  C for 6 min [12 sec 0 / 1 min] and made the contact copy in Ilford Multigrade IV RD De LUXE Pearl.

I hope you like it!  With warm regards… Jesús Joglar


Well, I not only like it… I love it and am going to frame it and hang it on my wall with other works of art.  I have no idea what Jesús said in his second paragraph, but I imagine my photographer pals Joan Benney and Jaime Powell Shepard will be all over it.  The only pinhole photographer I know is Fiona Small here in Friday Harbor… a talented artist and actress, and one of my favorite people to photograph at the County Fair.

To see a bit of Spain and learn more about Jesús Joglar’s Pinhole Photography… LIGHT THROUGH A HOLE



9 responses

  1. What goes around comes around, Ted. You really deserved to get this beautiful print in the post as you are such a generous person, yourself. xx Kate

  2. Thanks so much for your post, Ted. I feel honored for your comments on my photograph and I am glad that you like it!!!
    Just a small note to correct a minor typo that I probably made when writing the features of the camera, the focal length is 50 mm (instead of 59 as it is written) and the “0” sign here [12 sec 0 / 1 min] is the Unicode character number U+047A (which is a Cyrrillic Omega representing “inversion”). In other words, the text “Ilford ID-11 stock at 20˚ C for 6 min [12 sec 0 / 1 min]” means Ilford ID-11 stock at 20˚ C for 6 min with inversions of the tank for 12 sec every 1 min.

  3. I don’t know much about photography, but I really like this picture.

  4. It is always such a pleasure to receive one of Jesús’s postcards in the mail. I love his work! So glad you are enjoying the postcard exchange. That makes me happy! 🙂

    1. It is a lot of fun, Moni… thanks for hosting the exchange. Anyone want in… go see Moni. Like a pen pal but with a camera.

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