Friday Fictioneers… A DRABBLE POLITICK



A DRABBLE POLITICK… with apologies to my friend Björn Rudberg (a real poet)

“Oh no, something is out-of-order I fear!”

“What possibly can be wrong, Father Dear?”

“You are leaning to the Right,
Your education has a Blight.”

“But, I’m graduating Today,
I must make my own Way.”

“Why can you not See,
That you should follow Me?”

“Because you see Blue and I see Red,
Does not mean I’m off in the Head.”

“Oh no, your mind is Fine,
I just mean, your path should be Mine.”

“Father, if Truth be Told,
Your ways be Old.”

Dear Daughter, I thought you would be Arty,
What is with this Tea Party?”

✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎  ✎ ✎


Well… Where did This come from???  I don’t write poetry.  But I’m always inspired when I read Björn Rudbergs Writings, a must for all Poesyphiles.

Of course, the photo of where I am sure Jennifer Pendergast walked the ‘Hallowed Halls’… not sure if it’s Oxford or Cambridge… was the inspiration.

For other stories about Jen’s photo… FRIDAY FICTIONEERS


I am especially proud of two stories I have written recently… What’s in a Name? and Don’t be Silly… please read them and let me know what you think.  I think I’ll stick with prose.



18 responses

  1. I loved your poem, thank you Ted.

  2. ted, u never cease to amaze me. Good job.

  3. No apologies necessary. This poem is a delight.

  4. Dear Ted,

    Clear voices in this one. Nice rhymes.



  5. Okay, poetry-schmoetry… (My general belief is that poetry should be written in private and stored under lock and key lest anyone discover it). What’s so great about your poem is that you saw all this in that photo. Of course, the photo is slanted, but to take “You are leaning to the right” and give it so much meaning and story… Well and cleverly done!

  6. Interesting – it appears that we are opposite to you in Britain. Here Blue is Right (Tory) and Red is Left (Labour). A fun poem, and not the first parent who’s been disappointed that their child didn’t turn out to be a ‘mini-me’.

  7. Dear Ted,

    Your poetry is poetic, I mean farty…I mean arty…Oh, crap! I don’t know poetry from shoe polish but I’ll bet it was good.



  8. Hee-hee. Never thought I’d see it this way.

  9. I enjoyed your rhyme!

  10. This strikes high on my list of poetry.. the satire and politic kind… yes indeed very clever — I think generations come full circle, and if father was a lefty I guess being tea-party is what would upset him most.

  11. Very funny piece. But please, keep her out of the Tea Party!

  12. Lots of fun this one. I can imagine it must be a shock for Dad – his trying to coerce here makes complete sense when you get to that last line.

  13. Ted, I don’t know a lot about different types of poetry, but I know what I like. This was funny, rhymed, made sense, and I liked it. Good for you. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

  14. Oh my…that would be awful!

  15. What a great funny poem! Job well done.

  16. Ted! I feel like it’s ages since I read something of yours! What was I thinking?
    Thoroughly enjoyed your poem, although I haven’t quite decided who to root for out of the closed minded father and the closed minded daughter!!! And not quite: this picture is Cornell, not Cambridge (my ‘hallowed halls’ of old).

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