Friday Fictioneers… LET’S SMILE!


LET’S SMILE!… a Drabble for FriFic

“Let’s take a usie.”

“Please, not the iPhone again!”

“Come on Cheryl, it’ll be fun.”

“Ever since you got that thing, you’ve been taking pictures of everything you eat and everywhere you go. Who needs that many pics of your face.”

“You should get one instead of that flip phone, it’s the fashionable thing you know. Then you can send selfies too.”

“Let me guess, a usie is a selfie of us, right?”

“Bingo, Cheryl, now scoot over here.”

“Why can’t the waitress take it?”

“Then it wouldn’t be a usie!”

“Okay, for crying out loud, I give up.”


Author’s Note:  I had not planned to write anything like this when I saw the photo prompt.  But then I saw that USIE had entered urban slang… you can substitute me for Ethel and my daughters for Cheryl in the above story.


Sandra Crook haunts the waterways of France in her canal boat and writes at Castelsarrison, she provided this pic to prompt the Friday Fictioneers.   More stories from Rochelle’s Flock can be found here > > > 

33 responses

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat | Reply

    Oh, Ted. Is this meant to be social commentary or just your dry wit? Either way, it was delightful.

    1. Thanks Helena… both… hahaha. Love the cover artwork on your new book.

  2. Too funny! Cheryl sounds like me! 😆

    1. I don’t know, Betty… I would have got you to take an usie.

  3. I like the idea of you being Ethel.

    I have been accused of being obsessed with “selfies” but having been doing it long before the term was coined (did you know the word originated in Australia? That is according to the Oz Oxford dictionary research centre) and before digital technology was so prevalent, I don’t see my hobby as being part of the craze.

    Nice story.I love the way you pack so much humour into such a wee parcel.

    1. Your hobby is the original Selfie! Of course the Aussies try to claim it… probably the Canadians will too. Thank you for the kind words.

      1. Yep, linguistic rivalry rules in the colonies!

  4. OMg LOVED this!!!! I’d never heard the word “usie” before (despite the fact that I have a “totally snapchat” teenage daughter). I’m so glad you followed where the story wanted to go, even though it had nothing to do with the prompt-pic. Nice work, Ted 🙂

    1. It kind of followed the sheep… everyone getting iPhones and taking selfies and now usies… can’t wait to use it.

      1. p.s. I’ll try it on my teenage granddaughter… no stranger to Snapchat herself. I’ll have to send you one… but don’t tell anyone, Dawn.

  5. Ha!ha!Ted ,this was a fun read and a very apt reflection of the modern times ;-)I don’t have an iphone /smart phone ,so am totally useless in this sphere of social niceties 😛

    1. Oh honey, we have to change that!

      1. Lol!I need to become smart first 😛

  6. Dear Ted – FUNNY! Very well done and I love the term “usie” You are so clever and I can’t wait to use this on my almost teenager granddaughter. Maybe I will get a smile with it out of her. Your story was great! Well done! Nan 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nan… we’ll have to compare notes.

  7. Is that a word you’ve invented? If so, I guarantee it will catch on. Wry social commentary, loved it Ted.

  8. …and we read it here first.

  9. Poor Cheryl. I could feel the words ‘it’ll be fun’ grating on her weary nerves!
    Witty, topical and well written 🙂

  10. I love taking photos of things, not people (except my daughter), certainly not myself. Selfies remind me of the song “You’re so vain.” The song is a bit before my time, but it fits wonderfully.

  11. Ah, and see how many likes it can get 😉 loved the usie.. I guess social network’s like sheep

  12. I’m on Cheryl’s side. There’s such a lack of logic in his approach, well captured. Bravo.

  13. This is beautifully tongue in cheek. Love the social commentary ’cause really? who wants to see pictures of what other people are or have eaten? Good laugh.

  14. Dear Ted,

    I used to take pictures with a camera. Since I got my iPhone even the digital camera’s passé. Your conversation’s spot on here. Made me laugh.



  15. Excellent dialogue and commentary on today’s society, Ted. You left me chuckling.

  16. Dear Ted,

    Be careful or your ‘usie’ will end up enshrined in the lexicon of the world’s language. Nice story.



  17. Giggling – I just (more or less dunked my old flipper) got a new Flip phone and it is still to darned complex for me. Me without a single ‘Geek Gene’ in my bones. 🙂

  18. (Snorting giggles) I can just hear those little voices. Perfect commentary for the picture.

  19. Ted, Cute story. Well written and humorous with good dialogue. 🙂 —Susan

  20. Ah, such is life in this day and age. Good dialogue. Nice one, Ted!

  21. No way! The usie is real? Oh, humanity. There is no hope for us now! This is perfect for the prompt. Nice one, Ted!

  22. An usie? really? I thought you’d made it up and was going to congratulate you on it. i’ll have to be content with congratulating you on your story instead. Loads of fun 🙂

  23. Very funny. Making the suggested substitution, I feel for your daughters 🙂

  24. You seem to have a lot of Cheryl, Ethel stories. so contemporary. nicely done

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