Ted’s Photobooth Story

I was honored to be a contributor to Katherine’s fascinating blog. I hope my friends will take a look and enjoy her work. If you have any old strips around, think about sharing them with her… and the world. Now I have to figure out how to tell Cheryl I did this… but judging by the first comments, I don’t think she will mind.


I thought I would share this reblog with my friends at The Still, to introduce them to a most interesting blog by a friend Down Under… perhaps you too would like to share with her… check out her blog, and start digging through those old forgotten treasures and share them with Katherine at Photobooth Journal

p.s. I have heard from Cheryl… she remembered the Rainbow Club and didn’t mind at all…


Photobooth Journal

Cheryl and Ted

One of the more exciting, and for me, unexpected aspects of being a blogger is the amount of enthusisam and generosity that comes to my inbox out of the blue and from all around the world. I have recently started following a blog by Ted Strutz of Friday Harbor, Wasington State in the San Juan IslandsUSA. The blog is called TedBook and has some very amusing conversational short stories that I encourage you to check out. Ted emailed me the above photos and the following history a couple of days ago –

When I lived in Chicago in the 80’s and early 90’s, there was a bar called the Rainbow Room.  It was quite large with a big horseshoe shaped bar, booths, tables and a stage, maybe a dance floor.  They played 33 LPs on a phonograph.  Kind of an artsy place.  There was a photo booth as well…

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10 responses

  1. I haven’t seen one of these in ages!

    1. Well not like the old days. I’m trying to think where there is one around here. None on the islands I know. Probably at one of the multiplex theaters, that’s where I last saw one. I should ask Aggie to go see if the Rainbow Club is still there and if they still have a booth… but you know how she is.

  2. Hi Ted. Thanks for the reblogging and lovely comments. I hope to hear from some of your photobooth loving friends!

    1. Me too. I’ll put the word out for strips. I know my daughter has some and she was an actress, so you can imagine her and her friends in a photo booth. I do have one of her and me I’ll send you.

  3. PS As I now see that you moderate your comments, didn’t you say you already asked Cheryl if it ws ok to post the photos? didn’t you say she said yes? Should I be worried?

    1. The comments are only moderated the first time. Of course I didn’t ask her. She’ll love it… at least I hope so.

    1. Thank you Leyla…

  4. Ted, I remember how fun these photo booths were when I was a teenager and we had the goofiest pictures done there, but I don’t have any of those photo ‘strips’ anymore unfortunately or would probably share them. But, anyway its cool how you got them saved and posted. But, If you can post some more pics of Friday Harbor area and around there I would love to see them. Seattle and Wa. state was a favorite vacation place of ours and have great memories of the trips and the Puget Sound, the ferry trips, Vancouver, BC and islands, etc. I used Seattle and Puget Sound as the location in my novel, When Dark Closes In (still a work in progress).

  5. Natalie DeYoung | Reply

    This is so fun! I used to do photo booths with my friends when I was younger – they’re making a comeback lately.

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