Friday Fictioneers: CHERYL DOES A JIGSAW


CHERYL DOES A JIGSAW ~ A Drabble for FriFic

“Hi Cheryl, it’s Ethel. How’s the puzzle going?”

“It’s a bitch, that’s how it’s going. You know how I like to start with the corners. Why in hell would you give me a round puzzle? And so much purple! You better get over here and help me.”

“It’s fuchsia, Cheryl. That’s fuchsia flowers from Hawaii.”

“So I gathered, Ethel. They’re pretty, but a butt load of fuchsia pieces to put together and no corners to get me started, so get over here.”

“Okay, shall I stop off at Pizza Doug’s and pick something up?”

“Great idea, round puzzle… round food!”



Interesting photo prompt from Captain Douglas M. MacIlroy… wearing his diving helmet while terrorizing children on the Big Island.

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51 responses

  1. Ha, ha, very entertaining story!!

  2. Dear Ted,

    That picture was taken on the other side of the world of a commercial diver friend of mine (He helped salvage the Kursk) and his two children. I’ll cook the pizza right now, but let’s 86 the puzzle.



    1. I still think it’s you in there. Or did you send him your shirt?

  3. Dear Ted,

    Fuchsia? Purple? Both great colors. Cute little flying puzzle too. I’m up for pizza. What time’s supper? Snappy dialogue. I enjoyed this.



    1. Thanks, Rochelle… how did you twist Doug’s arm? Or did you just ‘borrow’it as usual?

      1. Dear Ted,

        No arm twisting needed. I just batted my eyelashes and said, “Please.” You believe me, right?



  4. Well, call me fuchsia and paint me purple. I got a kick out of this one, Ted. My grandma was a big jigsaw lover. The only one I could ever put together was the 100 piece puzzle of the Beverly Hillbillies.

    1. Why does that not surprise me, Russell? Thanks!

  5. I luuuuuuuvvvvvvvv those two. When I look at those humorous postcards with the old girls on them, I think of Ethyl and Cheryl.

    1. Shelley, what a nice thing to say… I always imagine Ethel and Cheryl in black and white.

  6. Ted,
    I’ve heard of those puzzles; round ones or ones with irregular edges, or with the same picture on the back, rotated 90 degrees. They sound sadistic. I would take more than a pizza to get me through one, but I like where her thoughts are. 🙂

    1. The ones with pictures on both sides are the worst! Are jigsaw puzzles big in Korea?

      1. The ones I’ve seen are pretty much standard. The only puzzle I have is a map of the world, which is great except for the oceans.

  7. Great story – very clever! I wouldn’t be able to do a round puzzle either. I love the fuchsia color. Great job! Nan 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nan. Not so bad really… of course that depends what’s on the border.

  8. I love puzzles so I can identify with the frustration of too much of one color and no edges! I thought about 3-D puzzles once and decided better left alone! Good story, Ted.


    1. I hate the all one color kind. I did a Jackson Pollack one once… Nightmare!

  9. but i like round food! especially pizza… now i’m craving one. i’m happy to be reminded of jigsaw puzzles 🙂

    1. Pick one up, KZ… and a pizza… fun night ahead.

  10. Very cute. Always start with the corners. And end pieces. But pizza is always welcome.

    1. Me too, Shirley… yes, pizza is always welcome!

  11. My dad puts together puzzles all day long. A round puzzle with a round pizza pie…I never thought of that one, Ted!

    1. Get him a round one, Amy. I did one once that was a Chinese plate… beautiful puzzle, hard but fun.

  12. Wonderful story and dialogue. How does one work a puzzle without CORNERS? Cheers.

    1. Not easy, but fun. Cheers to you too, Alicia!

  13. LOL. Round puzzle, round food – sounds like a great excuse to hang out.

    1. Without a doubt, Alice.

  14. Mention of food calms angry people.Good trick.

    1. You caught that. I’m happy.

  15. Funny story with those two gals again. I haven’t done a puzzle in years but I start with the corners and edges also. I can imagine how difficult a round one with the same color would be. I also love pizza though. Well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Patricia… they are fun to play with… Ethel & Cheryl and jigsaw puzzles.

  16. As a puzzler, I’d be rattled by a round one! The natural good humor and realistic dialogue here is spot on!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve always tried to stay true to the girls… they kind of lead the way.

      1. I hear you! Characters should lead the way. 😉

  17. It’s a good story with really interesting imagery. I see Ethel & Cheryl are a recurring cast of characters. That’s a good idea.

    1. Thanks, Larry… it’s never really planned, they just appear.

  18. Okay great, now I want pizza! lol

  19. Your story gave me a laugh, Ted. I hate puzzles to begin with, but like the idea of round food to offset the irritation of the round puzzle.

  20. Nice bit of conversation

    1. Thank you… I like to think they sound real.

  21. Ha!ha!Cheryl and Ethel sure know how to up the entertainment antennae 🙂 Round puzzle, round food-logical that 😀 Loved it Ted 😀

  22. Ithink i’d be similarly flummoxed by the round purple puzzle, but I’m game to try it over pizza. Where’s the party?

  23. I could handle some purple puzzle pieces if pizza is involved! 🙂

  24. I’ve never had the patience for puzzles, especially purple ones! I completely empathize with Cheryl. Her frustration is very vivid and relatable!

  25. Hehe what marvellous dialogue! I had to come check out your piece because you said such nice things about mine. This was hilarious… I too would go crazy over a round fuchsia puzzle!

  26. Will Cheyl be any better at eating round food? Lovely dialogue between these two as ever. 🙂

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  28. […] TedBook Friday Fictioneers: CHERYL DOES A JIGSAW […]

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