Friday Fictioneers: THIS OLD HOUSE


THIS OLD HOUSE… a Drabble for Fri Fic

“Peter, get in here! This Old House is on, and they’re showing how to do siding.” The screen door banged shut.
The last thing Peter wanted to do was do siding. Maybe if he stalled they would be done doing siding by the time he got in the house.
“I know what you’re doing, I’m taping it.”
‘Shit! Time for Plan B’.

“Well, that doesn’t look too hard, maybe Jerry can help me.”
“No, Jerry can’t help you. Remember the antenna?”
“We had a little trouble.”
“You two were drunk!
‘Shit, Plan C.’ “Maybe you can help me.”

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This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt courtesy of Dawn M. Miller.   “Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.”


35 responses

  1. Great story of beginning middle and end.

  2. Funny Ted! Good work!

  3. Haha! Got to love the do it yourself kind of guy. 🙂

    1. I think he’s the anti-do-it-yourself guy. Love your new avatar, Kim!

  4. I have this feeling he really doesn’t want to do siding. haha! Great story.

    1. You think? Thanks, Jackie.

  5. I liked this a lot. I love dialogue driven stories. They seem at times more real to me than others. As if I am eavesdropping on someones conversation.

    1. Thanks. Me too, especially for flash fiction.

  6. I don’t know what ‘siding’ is but I loved the guys attempts at avoiding it. 🙂

    1. The ‘siding’ is the exterior wall treatment. The yellow part in the photo… that is probably wood, but could be aluminum.

  7. lol 🙂 and im guessing there’s no more plan D. funny story 🙂

  8. Nice touch with “Shit.” Ha! Ha! Ha!

  9. Best thing to do is keep the TV set shut whenever “This Old House” is on, something I’ve done religiously ever since the days of Bob Vila. That’s Plan A!

  10. Cornered! Enjoyed this, even though I don’t know what ‘siding’ is. 😦

  11. It’s not his day, is it? Seems he’s out-manoeuvred himself 🙂

  12. Dear Ted,

    Doesn’t look like Peter’s plans are panning out for him. 😉 Good one. Spot on dialogue. Is this a conversation you’ve had recently?



  13. Sound to me like Plan C is the best bet. Maybe he can just help her–by handing her the tools when needed. My mom was the carpenter and handy-person in our family and my dad was good with that. He did the money things and helped with the outdoor work, she did the rest. They’re in their mid-80’s and it’s worked all those years.

    Good one, Ted.


  14. I don’t think Peter is getting out of this one. Good story, Ted.

  15. Funny stuff, Ted. Great DIY story. I can relate. I helped my dad dig wells, install plumbing, dig ditches, sand floors, and a lot of other stuff and I sometimes tried to get out of doing it. Ron

  16. Good story and very funny. I think Peter met his match.

  17. Peter needs a different strategy. Very funny, Ted.

  18. This sounds like some of the deals I get drug into. I told the mailman to stop leaving those home improvement magazines in our mailbox, but he claims the law requires him to deliver them. I think he’s more scared of my wife than he is me. It’s always WE can do this and We can do that. Translated WE = Russell.

  19. I think Plan D is sit back, have a beer and call it a day! Funny one, Ted.

  20. Very funny and I enjoyed the dialogue.

  21. Love it, it made me laugh.

  22. Ha.. he should do like Tom Sawyer did with the plank… and the siding would be done in no time… Plan E.

  23. I love how well these characters know each other. I’m thinking his plan c was her plan a. Good story.

  24. lmao short but to the point

  25. Nice story and he’s not getting out of Plan C. Good dialogue. At least he is thinking ahead with his Plans A, B, and C. Good job! Nan 🙂

  26. Really enjoyed this. If only there were more words to tell us about plans D, E and F. I don’t think there’ll ever be enough.

  27. Well placed vulgarities there! They fit right in!

  28. Shit, you guys weren’t doing anything anyway! (Such a great story and universally true!)

  29. Ah, I used to love those shows. They keep moving them around and now I can’t find them. Thanks for the reminder. Now I’m gonna LOOK for them again. Nice job.

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