Friday Fictioneers: THE RIVER IS LOW


THE RIVER IS LOW… a Drabble for Fri Fic

 Mercury hits 73˚ in San Francisco… and it’s January!  Meanwhile in Sacramento:

“Man, the river’s low. I never see it this low. When you think the last time it rained?”

“Hell, I don’t even remember. I hear they’re hiking instead of skiing at Tahoe.”

“Likely be a bitch this summer.”

“No shit, hell I remember ’77. ‘If it’s yellow, be mellow… if it’s brown, flush it down.’ They had to put a pipe across the Richmond Bridge to send those mokes in Marin our water. Let’s secede so we don’t have to send it south.”

“The Golden State will be Brown.”



This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt courtesy of Erin Leary.   “Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.”

 I guess this is not really a story, per FF ‘guidelines’, but more  an expression of a few recent random thoughts as I looked at Erin’s photo for inspiration and saw a river.  It made me think of recently seeing the Sacramento river at its lowest ever, no rain to speak of since October there, and this is the rainy season.  There is very little snow in the Sierra Nevadas and none at all from the passes of Southern Oregon to Redding.  California is declaring a state of  Extreme Drought, as we were in shirt sleeves when I was in San Francisco yesterday.  And secession attempts are hot and heavy in the Jefferson Republic to create a 51st state.

20 responses

  1. Yuck! But no denying original and creative take on the prompt.

  2. Down in SoCal it’s almost 10 degrees F warmer than last year. YIKES!

  3. I guess to have to live in California to truly believe in global warming, as people in the East are in a deep freeze! Go figure! 😯 Nice write up Ted.

  4. Yes, yes, indeed!! Teds, I live near Sacramento and the river is SOOO low and the mountains brown. It is a sorry state. We tried to go to the snow this winter and it was pretty pathetic. We had to drive miles for a sheet of ice. And my son complained about being hot in pants today at school. Oh, it’s endless!! The fire season will be bad.

  5. as always interesting, u rock my friend txs for including me
    double m

  6. One hundred word story, seems a bit hard to write. I’m sure you won’t have trouble.

  7. We used to live in California and I missed the 4 seasons. Your story is good but is a little depressing. Thanks for the interesting read! Nan

  8. Interesting take on the prompt and your comments on the state of the state of California. Our worldwide climate is weird. In other places, too much rain. But all that syphoning off of water from the North to keep the central Valley farming and LA blooming can’t be good….

  9. Dear Ted,

    Strange weather all over. Sharp take on the prompt. Well done.



  10. Nothing mellow about yellow 🙂 The weather is definitely strange this year between the deep freeze in part of the country and the warmer than usual temps in CA.

  11. I lived I the bay area during that period and remember that saying well. I was just in LA this week – wildfires and earthquakes made me think things were even more unusual…l

  12. Let me know how that succession thing works out. I like that option.

  13. Ew…but smiling in spite of myself!

  14. Nice and different take on the picture. The weather has been strange all over that’s for sure.

  15. Oh this is smiling in the face of disaster…

  16. If it’s yellow let it mellow – if it’s brown flush it down. Water shortage or plumbing problems; I am so familiar with this unfortunate phrase – learned in my college years in N.J. Not a pretty story.

    I lived in Southern California for a few years. It is crazy that water must be piped in from the Colorado River (unless something has changed). I can see a Brown California. Heck, it’s brown from June through September (or later) – hence; fire season.

    A disturbing climate story with a bit of humor 🙂

  17. I’d no idea this was happening in the US. I’ve Internet friends who have been snowed under and flooded in. There’s been lots of flooding here in the UK. I’ve heard rumbles about crop failures and food shortages in the near future. It’s all a bit scary. I’m growing my own veggies this year and stocking up on dried and tinned foods (seriously).

  18. Rules or not, it’s accurate and fun to read.

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