“I still can’t believe you talked me into this, Ethel.”

“It’ll get warmer when the sun comes up,Cheryl.”

“That’s at seven-thirty, the store opens at five.”

“I know, and I want that big-ass-flatscreen!”

☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎

The Editors of The Trifextra Writing Challenge are busy with their families this week, so they said:  “This weekend we are assuming that many of you are slogging your way through leftovers and family bickering (or is that just us?) and thus we’re going way easy on you. We are asking for a 33-word free write.  Give us whatever you’ve got.”   

36 responses

  1. 😆 I don’t even leave my house on Black Friday, my shopping is always done before Thanksgiving!! If I were Cheryl I would go home and watch the Red Wings game this afternoon!!

    1. I’m sure she will be done by then, but she is a Blackhawks fan. Maybe they can watch on Ethel’s new TV.

  2. Boo Blackhawks!!! 😆

  3. We went to lunch today. The restaurant was very slow. I guess most of the world was shopping. lol, I had a relaxing day

  4. Too bad it’s so cold out at this time of the year–Black Friday would be more pleasant with nicer weather! I liked the humor in this!

  5. Yup. That’s Black Friday in a nutshell. Good one!

  6. Re Black Friday. John says, “F me!”

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  8. Poor Cheryl. She should really learn to say no to Ethel.

    I can’t imagine any item being worth waiting all night in the cold. Yikes.

    1. I don’t think she can, Suzanne… don’t we all have a friend like that?

  9. Reality on the wait line. Crazy, isn’t it?

  10. Haha! They must have been in line at Best Buy! Fun, Ted!!!

    1. Either that or Wal-Mart… Oh wait, Ethel can’t go back.

  11. I’m new to these Cheryl and Ethel characters – I like ’em!

  12. I think great bargains on Black Friday are as elusive as Bigfoot.

  13. I’m with Ethel on this one. You’ve got to put yourself out if you want a big-ass flatscreen, that’s just how it is!
    A great story Ted, made me smile.

  14. Nicely done, Ted. What a crazy time of year..

  15. This was big-ass funny, Ted!! 😉

  16. […] Trifextra #96: BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING ( […]

  17. Haha! LOve this! Well done 🙂

  18. I stay well away from these crazy people haha I’m too skinny and fragile to be fighting for stuff!

    1. Oh yeah… what if there was a new game you just had to have, and this was your only chance… I think your inner warrior would have busted some moves. My grandson wants a PS 4 now. Time to put my Santa hat on.

  19. Hahaha. Gotta love those two.
    Believe it or not, Black Friday has come to Spain. Even though Thanksgiving has not.

  20. Nothing is worth getting up early the day after Thanksgiving. Nothing.

  21. Ha!ha!Those two are at it again!Black Friday,lol!

  22. I think Black Friday is starting to turn into Black Thursday. Pretty soon those people will be roasting their turkeys on the sidewalk; that’ll keep em warm! lol

  23. I avoid the black friday people like a plague. I enjoy waking up in my warm bed and watching all their chaotic posts on fb as they stress. 🙂

    1. I did it once about 8 years ago to get my granddaughter a dvd player, the had just come out and was the big deal… huge lines at 5a.m… I finally got one at a Long’s Drug Store which opened at 6 with only 15 people in line… pretty funny.

  24. I’ve seen the crazed Black Friday eyes of Ethel’s kin far too many times!

    1. I think I saw them on the news!

  25. Thanks for linking up this weekend. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorites!

  26. Haha! That last line cracked me up. This is so real. Great dialogue. I hope Ethel got her big-ass flat screen.

    Thanks for the laugh!

    1. I’m sure she did, Mommy!

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