Walter took the stage to perform the deadliest feat of his career… The Wall of Water!  

The audience gasped as he started to drown, but the ring of his bedside alarm saved him.



The Editors at The Trifectra Writing Challenge gave us 3 words this week..ring, water, and stage… “Add 30 more, for a total of 33″ they said.”


Yesterday I came across this story written last July.  I was in the mountains and was not able to publish by the Trifextra deadline due to spotty internet.  I was ticked, since I thought this was a good one.  I decided to let it see the light of day and add to The Trifectra Writing Challenge, even thought it is a little late.  Maybe they won’t notice it’s not following this week’s prompt.

The illustration is a still from the 1953 film ‘Houdini’, starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

13 responses

  1. This is good Ted! I’m glad it got to see the light of day!

    I’ve been saved by my alarm a time or two myself-usually from a tsunami (a fear of mine, though highly unlikely given where I live.)

    (And I’m going to check out that movie, too!)

  2. Hehe…when I first read this, I thought, “hey, I totally messed the prompt up, this isn’t what I did.” So relieved to find out this is a previous write 🙂 Glad you unearthed it and shared it with us…this is one time it’s a relief for the alarm to go off!

  3. I thought the same thing as Janna! Glad I kept reading to the explanation. Nice write. Glad that alarm was there.

  4. Ted, this is what you get for trying to be all nature-y. Geez can’t you stick to computers and phones like everyone else? haha Great work!

  5. Good read, you never cease to surprise me…..

  6. Dear Ted,

    I was immersed in you thirty-three words and, as a former submariner, very glad when the alarm went off.

    Glad you found this story and posted it.



  7. Hahaha. Better late than never!
    Amusing, relatable situation. Still I search for a way to slip “companion” in somewhere.
    (<3 Tony Curtis)

  8. Humourous 😛 Glad you found this story 🙂 No alarm for me tomorrow 😛

  9. Ha! 😀 That is a good one.

  10. ha! sure, what the heck, submit it. just write another, uh, “companion” piece.


  11. Hahaha, I’m glad you dusted this off to share – we are big fans of smile inducing writes such as this. Now, Ted, onto THIS week’s prompt…

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