THE DOORKNOB By Ula Grace… Guest Author


I am the doorknob. I feel gloved hands – rough work gloves. They twist me to the right and open the door. The hands are big and have been working all day. I feel their relief at being done with work. He closes this door behind him and I feel him take hold of my counterpart on the other side of the door, so that the door won’t slam. Small hands reach up, barely reaching me, the little hands gritty with dirt from playing outside. They turn me to the right and run inside not stopping to close this door. Gentle hands close the door behind the laughing child. Someone knocks on this door. I feel the vibrations through the door. The gentle hands twist my counterpart on the inside to the left and open the door. The hands accept something from the hands which knocked and the woman closes the door with her hip.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 

 Please join me in welcoming guest author, Ula Grace.  “The Doorknob” is her first submission as TedBook’s newest staff member.  She promises to write about her recent month-long journey through Myanmar, complete with photos she took.  Ula is honing her writing skills at Spring Street International School in Friday Harbor, Washington.  

10 responses

  1. Congratulations Ula. Wonderful piece. I do hope you will continue to write. You have a marvelous gift.

  2. I love what you did with the doorknob. It’s amazing the things they see.

  3. TED!!! I am SO very impressed with Ula’s writing, she is amazing!! Thank you for sharing her work with me. I am not as gifted and skilled with words, like you and Ula so my weak attempt to use words to tell you how moved I am by her writing is not satisfying to me. Jaime

  4. Ula, This is gorgeous! I admire you ability to place yourself from the perspective and interpretation of an object. More than that, for me you capture the even emotional flow of the object. Very cool!

  5. I loved the imagery, I was there and felt the emotions. Such a gift to the reader.
    Well done Ms Ula ! Michel


  7. Cool story about an everyday object I never really thought about!
    Thanks for stopping by Ted!

  8. great writing, I see a great future for this little gal, A+ on the door knob

  9. Ula, solid writing. Very excited about your new position here. Looking forward to reading more.

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