Friday Fictioneers: JUST THRUMMING ALONG…



“Hi, guess what, Cheryl?”

“What now, Ethel?”

“I’m in a band!”

“Wait till I stop laughing. You, in a band? You are not musical, Ethel, never have been.”

“Well, I am now. It’s a jug band and I’m ‘The Hamboner’.”

“Listen to yourself, Ethel. ‘Jug band’!” And what the hell is a hamboner?”

“I’m the percussionist, and Willie invited me. He’s letting me use his Frottoir.”

“I’m afraid to ask. ”

“It’s a washboard, Cheryl! And we’re playing at Lottie’s.”

“That dump! With the hand jive guy? Now I know what a jug band is, thank God they serve alcohol. ”


Bodie Miller's Washboard... this talented musician is usually found behind a guitar, but is known to do some 'thrumming'.  I took this photo last year at a music festival.  I'd never seen one close up.

Bodie Miller’s Washboard… this talented musician is usually found behind a guitar, but is known to do some ‘thrumming’. I took this photo last year at a music festival. I’d never seen one close up.


I like photos like this one by  John Nixon for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.  Look at the photo… find inspiration… write a 100 word story.

Here’s who wrote one this week…

I went past the obvious, into the store to see what I could find to interest me… Washboards… Bingo… I remembered Bodie’s.  A staple of Zydeco music, the first washboard or rubboard… called the Frottoir in Cajun French… was made by Mister Willie Landry in 1946.  Hand Jive is also a popular folk music talent…. you all remember ‘Willie and the Hand Jive’!

 Ethel is a little more adventurous than Cheryl and I think she would try something like this.  Cheryl got drunk and went home with Willie.

22 responses

  1. Dear Ted,

    An imaginative take on the prompt. I know what you mean about them serving alcohol. Sometimes I wish they did that here.



  2. Dear Ted,

    Dang. I got rid of my washboard. But then I’ve been told by my African American friends that I’m terminally Caucasion in the rhythm department. All my best to Ethel. L’Chaim.



  3. Love the new words, and always love the `girls`

  4. I bet Ethel can play the spoons too! 😆 Great story Ted. Loved the Hand Jive video. It brought back some good memories!!

    1. No it’s their friend Betty in Detroit who plays the spoons.

  5. Lovely story. I like that Cheryl got lucky.

  6. Love your musical tie-ins. Also loved the note about Cheryl’s love connection…I guess she enjoyed a version of the hand jive, after all!

  7. Oh, Cheryl, just go and have a good time! And if you can’t enjoy it, clap real loud anyway 😉

    Very very nice.

  8. Sounds like the beginnings of a skiffle band in the 1950’s in Liverpool. Good entry, Ted, tried for the unusual.

    I have a new blog (I’ll be back with 100 word fiction soon) called So Nice To Media! under my real name. Short entries.

  9. I love that reply “thank God they serve alcohol.” So much said in that!

  10. I love Ethel and Cheryl, but I wonder why they like each other. Loved your story, and the PS. Knowing Cheryl went home with Willie is priceless, but does bring into question who might be the most adventurous of the two.

  11. Well, you certainly have an eye for detail. After I read your story, I had to go back and take another look at the photo – and there it was, the old washboard. Sharp dialogue.

  12. Both stories are really good. I vaguely remember skits on Red Skeleton and of course. He Haw.

  13. Somewhere in my house I have a glass washboard. I guess the sound would be a tad different than the metal ones. I remember the song ‘Hand Jive’ but I wasn’t familiar with the Cajun name. That’s cool.

  14. Love hand jive! Great way to start my Sunday morning :)))

  15. Very funny… at least he didn’t play chain-saw in a death metal hard-rock band… 🙂

  16. What a fun story! Maybe the alcohol loosened Cheryl up a little.

  17. good story< Ted

  18. Good story, Ted

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