“I thought they were giraffes at first. Standing tall in the distance, necks stretched to the sky. It’s hard to see, you see, everything is hazy. It started fast and now everything aswirl and constantly changing. No!!! It’s spiders! I don’t like spiders, I know there are spiders on the wall, but I can’t see the wall. A lot of them! Wait, maybe they are monkeys. I know there are spider monkeys. No that’s silly, they’re big spiders. Hold me. Make them go away.”

It’s not a good idea to take psychedelic mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms.


Well they call it Flash fiction, and that was my Flash.  An interesting look at ‘Our Lady’ by  Jan Wayne Fields , be sure to check out his blog.   Thanks again to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for calling the writers together for another edition of Friday Fictioneers.

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37 responses

  1. Wow, sounds like you know what you’re talking about with those mushrooms! Spiders…maybe I won’t take those mushrooms on my pizza…just in case…

    1. Yep… and I’m not afraid of spiders either. But those were BIG…

  2. The picture painted would certainly discourage me from ever doing `shrooms`
    Perhaps they account for Dali and his art

    1. I’m laughing at the Dali and his art! I feel that way about a lot of “art”, too. Ted, you’ve discouraged me from ever trying any magic mushrooms…not that I was planning to anyway. If I survived Jamaica all those years ago without trying them or smoking ganja, I’m unlikely to start now. 🙂


    2. I’m sure you’re on to something Michel…

  3. the last time I tried this I saw trees get up and walk across the road.

  4. I liked the giraffe idea best! Good job Ted!

    1. Thanks, Betty… when is Irwin’s Place coming back… I’ve got to get you on FriFic.

  5. they really DO look like giraffe’s. Damn, what did I take this morning? 😉

    1. I thought of War of the Worlds, then giraffes, and so on and so on. Hi Carrie!

  6. ha… I’m sure they are martians… invading

    1. That was my first thought, B!

  7. I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms, now I know why. Giraffes! Good choice.

  8. Dear Ted,

    I never tried the shrooms, nor anything much harder than hash. Those days are way far behind me. Nonetheless, I got quite a head-rush while I enjoyed your story.



    1. Thanks, Rochelle… I never did it again, believe me.

  9. I had some good fun with shrooms back in the day. But I never did see a pink elephant..kinda felt like I missed out. But spiders crawling when they weren’t there sounds plausible under the influence… I was wondering how you were going to make light of this photo. You did a great job Ted.

  10. Hi Ted,
    You write really well when you’re high. And it sounds like this definitely comes from first-hand experience. Must be nice to live in the Seattle area and have that smorgasboard of drug trip available. Have a good trip! Ron

  11. Now that you mention it they do look like spiders. And intrepid and bold adventurer that I am, I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF GOD DAMNED SPIDERS, HELP ME!!! Scary story well told and, Ted, thank you for the extra words!

  12. Sounds like mushrooms and a quadruple espresso mixed together. Always a bad combination. This was so entertaining. Great job!

  13. Very good! I loved the spiders and monkeys equals spider monkeys 🙂

  14. lol Ted, i enjoyed this. though i’ll probably stay away from those mushrooms!!

  15. It seems we think alike, though I don’t need mushrooms to see the giraffes.

  16. I thought if giraffes too.

  17. My first thought was that they were oil wells and that NYC had fallen to the UAE. Giraffes, spiders and monkeys are preferable alternatives. Good story.

  18. Great story! I don’t know if it was supposed to, but it made me laugh. I imagined you swatting and grabbing at imaginary giraffes and spiders while talking to yourself in an increasingly high-pitched tone. I love mushrooms but not that kind. Yikes! Plus, you shouldn’t shroom-out and operate a boat. 🙂

  19. I chewed the mushrooms, but never swallowed, just like when I smoked but didn’t inhale. Yeah, that’s it. They still look like giraffes to me . . . on parade.

  20. Ted- I know a few people who have visited this same painting you just wrote. Giraffes, Spiders and Monkeys Oh My!

  21. Okay! Now how did Ted get there from the picture we must ask ourselves. Let me walk myself through it. You were setting sail on the sea of your mind where you found yourself at a sketchy salad bar run by spider monkeys where the mushrooms looked a little “old” maybe but not that old and well . . . .Suffice it to say I loved your story, Ted. Period. End of story.

  22. Cranes, Ted – they were cranes. Crazy thing, hallucinations….

  23. Wonderful twist on the prompt. I read one other that involved giraffes, and wasn’t sure why… with yours, I finally looked more closely and saw the giraffes. Bringing in the shrooms is a very interesting, and fun, way to go. Nice!

  24. I had to look at the photo again to see the giraffes. Low and behold, I saw giraffes too. From giraffes to spiders….eek. Make them go away indeed. I enjoyed reading your very creative take on the photo.

  25. Dear Ted,

    ALWAYS eat the ‘shrooms!

    Loved your take on the prompt this week. Absolutely perfect. Captain Timothy Leary, at your service.



  26. I knew a guy once…oh never mind, that was LSD.

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