DOG SHOW… Sort of…

DOG SHOW... Sort of...

New Art Show in Friday Harbor goes to the Dogs at Waterworks Gallery!

Jaime Ellsworth paints Dog Pictures and Barbara Duzan makes Dog Statues

IMG_3981   IMG_3980   IMG_3978   IMG_3993

IMG_3983  IMG_1167

IMG_3975  IMG_3972


This was supposed to be on my PhotoLog… TedBook’sDAILYPICS… Dammit!  Oh well, hope you like dogs…

7 responses

  1. funny you with dog pics 😆

    1. You know how much I love dogs, Aggie!

  2. […] this is a great post about dogs. One of the pictures even looks like […]

  3. Love Jaime’s work…..looks like a good show….is that Barbara Duzan?

  4. I love doggies! This is my kind of art show. 🙂

  5. Hi Ted! Haven’t commented in a while, sorry. This looks like a cool art show, especially for a dog lover.

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