THOR’S WORLD TOUR… Paradise Found!


Somewhere on a small island in the Great Pacific Northwest…. Paradise found!

After being moved about and held captive with many poor souls, I remind the evil Tie-Dyed Witches that I am  The God of Thunder!  Promising the Pooh family I won’t forget them I wield   the Mighty Hammer and break free!  


P1010351                P1010354               P1010352

 I head to the boat for a return to seek out this ‘Mausoleum’ I have heard tell about.  My host, not wishing to pay the exorbitant  ferry rate for ‘Gods’ decides to smuggle me aboard… Oh The Indignity!!!  


Once on ship, I go in search of food and drink, as my energy level has been depleted in my struggle with the evil witches.  I find the perfect thing and enter the Monster Hall… It is quite cold.  


A quick blow of The Mighty Hammer releases a putrid spray of a sticky foam, completely engulfing the air-conditioned chamber.  I find myself quickly evicted from the cafeteria.  A kindly family takes pity on my circumstances, bathes me and gives me sustenance.  After chatting, the man-boy tells me of a cousin who may be able to help me in ‘the ladies department’.  He tells me to find the Land of Argyle and ask for Ula.  They warn me not to wake the Sleeping Lion as I leave the table… I step very carefully.

P1010369         P1010368               P1010370

He shares something he calls ‘his tunes’ with me… I do not know what to think, but try to stay polite.


My host treats me to something called ‘Ice Cream Cone’, and promises me we will go to the Land of Afterglow, where dwells ‘The Mausoleum”, on the morrow. 


 He tells me he knows Argyle well and of this cousin I seek.                                         

Eureka… Praise the Gods… Valhalla found! 


My new friend Ula has Barbies in Abundance.  A pink haired beauty invites me for a drive in her automobile, which I quickly accept, hoping she knows Debra, my Pink Haired Mistress.


We are soon beset upon by a fearsome beast!  I confront the evil monster and announce that I am the God of Thunder!  Methinks the beast is not impressed and I am forced I do battle with my Mighty Hammer when the varmint attacks…

P1010398            P1010402             P1010404

Instead of my saving the Pink Haired Maiden, the giantess Ula, upon hearing the commotion, arrives to save us both.  I fear she must be part sorceress, for she quickly subdued the monster by putting it to sleep.  She releases me from its fearsome grasp. 


I quickly take my leave, telling the Barbies “I Shall Return!”  Hopeful that tomorrow… the land of Afterglow, and ‘The Mausoleum’.

To be continued…


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16 responses

  1. And I’ll bet the barbies are anxiously awaiting his return

    1. “They always are, Fair Maiden. It can be so exhausting!” Thor

  2. I have to be honest, when I saw Thor with all those Barbies I thought he was in a strip joint…hence the word paradise in the title.

    1. “What is this ‘strip joint’ you speak of… and what top is down?” Thor

      1. Hahahahahahahaha! Oh Thor it’s a place where maidens run free and perform feats of agility.

  3. I just want to play Barbies now, Ted.

    1. “I would love to play Barbies with you, Andra. I shall see if I can get you on the tour.” Thor

  4. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!This is great material. Thor’s stilted speech reminds me of this link:

  5. Yep, it is official…Thor is a playboy, just like Ted!! 😆

  6. Seeing Thor with that giant rabbit and all I can think of is Night of the Lepus. LOL. Loving the posts.

    1. That is hilarious. Quite the cast! The English brought rabbits to this island in the 1800’s. Soon they had a rabbit problem, so they brought foxes to control the rabbits. Then they had a ‘fox problem’. You can still see wild rabbits and foxes on the south end of the island.

  7. Thor will best those beasties.

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  10. Absolutely love it….keep it coming!

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