THOR’S WORLD TOUR… Day Trip to the Magical Isle


Somewhere on a small island in the Great Pacific Northwest…. Day trip to the Magical Isle

“Away, damn you Loki.  Take Skidbladnir and begone!  My beloved Sif, what has he done?  Why is it always about the hair?  Now yours is no more.  My Wife!  I want my wife!  Oh Pink One, why do you keep me from her?”  I am roused from a fitful sleep with a curt “Come on, we’re late for the red-eye!”  I find out later, that being ‘late for the red-eye’ is a proud tradition on this island.  The only ferry I want to be late for is the one on the Styx, but then I’m not Greek so I guess it won’t matter.  We head for the sea in the human’s automobile.  I have been in many on this road trip, and this is by far the finest, as there are no foul odors from the small humans and their pets.  It is also neat, without the clutter of the white cups with green mermaids that seem to cover the floor of all the other’s automobiles.  Like that woman in Southern California with the tiny odious boy-child who would not ‘bow down before me’.  The worst adversary I have faced  thus far… It was luck to escape with my life.  ‘Bite Eyeball’, indeed!

The sun is rising and the beast comes into view.  I stand ready to fend it off at the first sign of trouble, as it is as fearsomely ugly as assumed.


Into the belly of the beast we plunge.  A strange rumbling ensues and we push-off into the sea, headed for Orcas Island.


 I wave good-by to the human’s village in the harbor, with high hopes of finding a link to Asgard on the magical isle.


We approach the island and the time has come to find these nobel artists and lovers of the earth.  Perhaps they will be of assistance in my quest. 


While the human is busy, I take leave to explore.  I find that the artists I meet are interested in selling their wares and no nothing of Asgard.  All the friends of the earth I encounter are sputtering about organics and  preoccupied in hugging trees… not at all what I expected.  I head back and find myself on a road with alarming signs proclaiming  No Trespassing!  Do they not know I am the God of Thunder?  I find myself taken captive and tied up with other prisoners.


“Have you been here long?” I say.  “Oh yes.  Many years,  for us there is no hope.  Save yourself Thor.  What you seek is on the island you just left.  You must find… The Mausoleum!”  I thank the maiden with the once red hair and breaking my bonds with The Mighty Hammer!  I go in search of my human friend to ask about this Mausoleum.

To be continued…


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25 responses

  1. ROFLMAO. Oh, remind me to share my pictorial tale of Starshine Takes Las Vegas. (we took one of my mini My Little Pony’s on vacation with us once)

    1. “I remember those ponies, their manes remind me of my Pink Haired Maiden. I heard about that Vegas trip!” Thor

      1. OMG, you are hilarious “Thor” 😉

  2. I love super hero adventures, keep them coming

    1. “I hope I am your favorite!” Thor

  3. Hahaha! Super fun. I see you are going to make this a fun little game for us readers. 🙂 Let Thor know I’m sorry I’ve kept him separated from his beloved Sif for so long. Oh, but what a great reunion they will have – eventually.

    1. “As I live and breath! There she is!!! Message received!” Thor

  4. Shame on you Thor! Why didn’t you try to save the others? I am surprised you didn’t tell them that there is always HOPE!

    1. “They were doomed souls beyond any saving, Woman!” Thor

      1. Thor’s a wuss!! 😆

  5. Ted, I’m LOVING your “Thor” voice! I’m used to you being more gritty/pseudo-noir, a la Hiassen, but maybe you’re a fantasy writer after all…? 🙂

    1. “FANTASY! Blast you Romance Writer, The God of Thunder is no Fantasy!” Thor

      1. Dear Thor,
        We are having a lot of lightning and thunder here, but no rain. Your doing? Sorry if I made you mad. 😦 BUT… a gorgeous, well-muscled specimen, who bashes baddies and has a heart of gold — such as yourself — is DEFINITELY a fantasy…!

  6. Thank the Gods I have been watching “Vikings.” I understand Thor’s bemusement with his sailing. Hope he resists raping and pillaging though.

    1. “Thor does not rape and pillage, woman, although I might make an exception if I find myself back in the land of Canada, somewhere near Victoria!” Thor

  7. Thor is a marvelous character….looking forward to his next adventure……making me laugh.

    1. “Thank you for caring, fairest Jillian.” Thor

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  9. I finally got over here to read your fun and marvelous post. I think Thor is having a swell time visiting you. You’re treating him well! Love the photos, too!

    1. “By the Gods, Woman… I remember Ye!!! How is the Child?” Thor

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  11. […] Previously… Day Trip to the Magic Island  (Part 3) […]

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