Friday Fictioneers… TALENT SHOW



“Some people will do anything for a laugh.”

” What do you mean?”

“Well, look at that old fool over there, trying a stunt like that. She’ll get hurt.’

” What do you care, you’re not her mother, don’t be so critical. You can’t save the world you know.”

Who’s trying to save the world? I was just making an observation.”

“Well, at least she’s trying something different. I suppose you are going to trot out that old song you always sing.”

“Everyone loves my song.”

“They’re just being kind.”

“Look at her, now she’s taking out her teeth flapping her gums!”


Photo by –John Nixon… check out his blog and check out Friday Fictioneers top see the other 100 Word Stories.

32 responses

  1. Dear Ted,

    You can tell by the feet it’s a “she”? Nice dialogue…although someone taking their teeth and gums out isn’t a pleasant image. Fun stuff.



  2. Flapping her gums. That’s a phrase I haven’t heard for about a year.

    This story is cool 🙂

    If you like this type of thing, I run one using my own photos –

  3. Insightful perception into human actions and mindsets) Is it taking place in a retirement home?

  4. As lively a retirement home as I’ve ever come across. Nice one Ted. And early too. 🙂

  5. Sounds a bit like Youtube…everybody desperately trying to get some attention.

  6. So who wins…the flailing legs or the flapping gums?

  7. Ha – I like the fact that he’s using the same corny song
    great story

  8. The talent show is about to get out of hand. I am sure the contestant did not read the fine print where it said teeth will remain in your mouth at all times.

  9. Let’s hear it for the ones trying something different! Although, I’m sure everyone appreciates that old song and can sing along…

  10. Reminds me of someone I know. 🙂

  11. That could be me in a few more years……..maybe not, I can`t sing

  12. Haha! There’s no fool like an old fool! 😀

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a feeling this happened in a rest home!

    1. A rest home? Now THAT’s Funny!

  14. Laughing here Ted! Aren’t humans wonderful and what we’ll do to get attention! 🙂

  15. Strikes me there’s more than one person flapping their gums here! Nice scathing voice, Ted.

  16. So…is that what we can expect from you someday? Please be sure to forward the address of your old folks home and I’ll be sure to visit on Talent Night 😉

  17. Liked it! Glad the photo inspired you. And thanks for the link.

  18. Someone’s in denial!

  19. I’m in constant admiration of your ability to tell a story through dialogue, Ted. I “know” these people, even though you’ve given me no physical descriptors. (Well, except for the flapping gums. 😉 ) Dialogue is definitely one of your strengths.

  20. I don’t think there’s anything wrong (or unusual) about making a fool out of yourself. In fact, I do it several times a day. However, I leave my teeth in most of the time.

  21. Flapping her gums? Now that’s entertainment! Funny story.

  22. I too loved the dialogue – I heard it much more than read it, and I loved the personalities behind each. Well done!

  23. Gum flappers still roam the earth. I’m going back to read about Thor. 🙂

  24. Delightful… it reads like a list of all the things I have to look forward to in old age! Flapping gums! Brilliant!

  25. ha I think someone will knock some senescence into that old gal…

  26. Hurrah for the old girl and her flapping gums. You’re not dead till you stop breathing and your heart stops beating. Very good story and characterisation. Wouldn’t have understood the story if I hadn’t read the tags though. Ann (Old Fool and Defiant).

  27. Great stuff. Uninhibited entertainment. Viva the gums.

  28. Great entertaining conversation. Throwing out insults to avoid looking at one’s own act – normal but unfair.

  29. But…but…how can they tell she took her teeth out?? Funny story.

  30. Nice dialog Ted.. Between two old time lovers. I like it!

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