Friday Fictioneers: ¿ WHAT’S TO GET?


                                                                                                                                               ¿What’s to get?    

“Senõr! Gala called. Salvador is upset! He wants to know when Tarot Universal Dalí will be completed, and why you did not like the last image.”

“Tell her it will be ready for his 80th birthday as promised, and I did not get the animal, where do we use it”

“Senõr! Gala called, he said, ‘There is nothing to ‘get’ with a Dalí animal!  Besides, that one is a birthday present for your granddaughter, why didn’t you ‘get’ that!'”

“Oh, tell him muchas gracias!”

“Senõr! Gala called, he said, ‘De nada’. He is thinking of using you for El Loco.”



Another fine photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers… this one by  EL Appleby.

Do check out the other stories… 

17 responses

  1. That is one strange and charming piece…….great way to start a day

  2. So funny, Ted. I like how you relayed the messages with, Gala called, he said…

  3. Ha! Yes, very Dali-esque. The only thing missing was a clock. (Okay, and a dead woman, if you want to be accurate…. 😉 )

  4. El Loco? How appropriate! 😆 Well done Ted!

  5. The fool indeed. Aren’t all writers a bit ‘touched’…in la cabeza

    Oh, most folks who’ve been reading me, just ignore the ‘instructions’ – which are kind of like locks for honest people. The folks who ‘it’ is intended for most likely ingnore them too. And that’s not including ‘spam’. Thanks again for your visit.

  6. Glad you’ve surfaced, Ted. 🙂


  7. LOL! You would be perfect for El Loco

  8. I’ve been to his museum in Spain. El Loco is one word to describe.

  9. Ted – was that the Dali Gala who called? If yes, would you say hello Dali for me?
    Tambien Loco, Randy

    (PS – Did Dali Gala have a Lama? Was he a Dali Lama? You know, I think I attended one of his galas when he owned a Dali-catessen.)

  10. Great creative ideas.

  11. Good to see a post from you, El Loco. I had to read twice, but I finally “got” it.

  12. god i love that animal

  13. Dear Ted,

    Don’t know who’s more loco, the artist or the author. You made me dig a little for this one. ¡Gracias!

    Y Shalom,


  14. Had to do some digging, but got ‘it’ in the end
    Muchas gratias

  15. Brilliant Ted, I have missed your writing 🙂

  16. HAHAHAHAHA! Yes! Great take, Ted! Que Padre!

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