“SUSIE STRONG”… Meet The Wild Child…

Once The Wild Child rides into your life, you are never the same again…

I don’t remember where I first met Susie. I have been clicking ‘like’ on her posts since early 2011.  I think it was the one about some frozen dead guy.  She was in black & white then, I almost prefer that, as she is colorful enough without color… but it does show off her home in Boulder, Co. to a nice advantage.   She actually prefers it all white, as she is an avid skier and has a white dog named Roxy.  Roxy is the victim/subject of many a post, along with DJ Slash, Courtney and her husband Danny.  She is a talented writer, artist, claims to be a tennis player, and has shown talent as a wannabe pole dancer… her dance numbers are legendary.  Here’s where to meet her… Susie Lindau.

Susie is a special blogging buddy, not only to me, but to many other writers.  Each month she throws a party on her blog.  It’s called  Use Me and Abuse Me Day, the purpose is to give her friends a forum to showcase their latest favorite piece of work.  It is quite a party, as usually about 100 show up to brag and view each other’s offerings.  I’ve met some talented writers and made some good  friends at Susie’s parties.  Do yourself a favor and come to the next one and add one of your stories.

This month Susie won’t be having a party.  Something more important has taken the party’s place.  She will be back soon (no, she is not in jail) and writing her blog again.  I will be looking forward to June’s party.  But for this month, her friend brickhousechick  suggested we hijack ‘Use Me and Abuse Me Day’ and have our own party, to honor Susie for a change.  

See you soon, Susie… I’ll be thinking of you today…  your pal, Ted

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  1. Beautifully stated! Thanks for participating! 🙂

    1. Hey… thanks for starting the party, Chick!

  2. Thank you for writing this entry Ted. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet her until now. I’ll be thinking of her, and reading her from now on.

    1. You must attend one of her parties, Renee… right up your alley…

      1. I’m sure it would be. 😉

  3. Well said, Ted.

    And, I love your opening line.

    “Once The Wild Child rides into your life, you are never the same again…”

    It’s not as if I’ve personally met Susie, but her adventures spark many “I should step out of my comfort zone and try that,” thoughts. Some even made it to my action list.

    1. Susie knows no ‘comfort zone’… we should all be so lucky. I’ve never ‘met’ her either, maybe we never will in person, Gloria… but we love her. I’ve enjoyed reading your stories… I met you at one of her parties.

  4. Beautifully said, Ted! Susie really is colorful, in every way.

    1. Thank you, August. I’ve met you at her parties too!

  5. Party, did someone say PARTY? Count me in!!

    Good work Ted!

    1. I’m holding you to that Betty! I will post your blog at her next party if you don’t.

  6. Love it. You’re a good friend. We’re all lucky to know Susie – and you.

    1. Thanks, Debra… you are one of the few I’ve actually met in person. Some day we will have to go to a ‘real’ party at Susie’s house in Boulder.

  7. You are the bomb Ted! I’ve been thinking about Susie all day. Lord knows she probably has the nurses taking notes for her next post and they will because Susie is so darn nice!

    1. like that baby in the e-trade commercials, she probably smuggled an iPad into the operating room… I’m sure the first post has been written.

  8. This ROCKS!!! Well done indeed…

    1. Thanks a lot… that’s nice to hear. You know how insecure writers can be after posting something…

  9. lynnkelleyauthor | Reply

    Love the “No, she’s not in jail” comment! Yes, I believe I met you at one of Susie’s parties, and the next party will be celebrating her having this surgery and the whole ordeal behind her, celebrating her recovery, and just celebrating Susie for who she is, so special to each of us.

  10. I’ve been too out of it, I’m afraid. Thanks for updating us, Ted. And I look forward to seeing you and Susie at a party soon. Sending love and good wishes.

  11. Use Me and Abuse Day! What a fabulous idea. Thanks for the intro to such awesomeness 🙂 Cheers.

    1. I’ll make sure you are invited! Your stories will be a hit!

  12. Thanks so much Ted! I am finally feeling well enough to comment. I started to soon with the pressure of getting updates to friends so my phone wouldn’t ring. I had to lay off for a while! That is hard for a Wild Child like me… 🙂 At the end of this week I can go back to 1/3 activity. What does that mean????
    I truly felt the energy the day of the surgery and for days later. I think it is because of you and others that my prognosis is so amazing. Originally, the doctors put me in the 26% for recurrence, but after the surgery, it dropped to 13% and no chemo! I think it was a miracle!
    There is nothing in the real world like this cyber world of friends. What an amazing community!
    Thanks for being a part of it and for all your support!
    Cyber ((((hugs))))

    1. I/3 Activity That’s a laugh! I’d like to see the doctors try to enforce that!

      1. My body is enforcing that… yawn…

      2. It won’t be long…

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