Friday Fictioneers–Connected

This week Rochell Wisoff-Fields used my photo of the Icon Grill in Seattle. Janet Webb has written a fine story. This is the first I have read… there will be almost 100 written this week… and having sat in this bar, I am moved more.

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  1. […] Friday Fictioneers–Connected ( […]

  2. Darn, I was hoping this was local so I could see it…looks like I’m visiting San Juan on May 18th…assuming we don’t miss the ferry like the Husband did LAST year LOL

    1. Oh, for crying out loud Carrie… I will be in Mexico! No, you will find nothing like this in Friday Harbor. You need to be in line EARLY… at least a good two + hours in May. No stopping at Costco and Trader Joe’s on the way down… I see all those BC license plates!

      1. Awww, too bad. Guess I will have to entertain myself. I’ll be sure to let The Husband know we should be early

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