Trifextra: Week Sixty-Five… THE RED BALL



It’s a starlit night as he searches for his red ball.
Suddenly, a bluish-white flash of light reveals its hiding place!
Success!  Now, the question is… will he stop at the tree first?


My story is inspired by one of the latest paintings by Friday Harbor artist Jaime Ellsworth.  To see more of Jaime’s work, visit her website… Jaime Ellsworth Art



Here is this week’s Trifextra Challenge instructions… Your challenge this weekend is to give us 33 words about anything you want.  Your piece must include at least one hyphenated compound modifier.   Click the Trike to see other stories…

30 responses

  1. I like the perspective. good job and good boy.

  2. clever, the picture was a good idea. flash was good too.

  3. WOW! I am honored to be mentioned and shown in your work!!

  4. If he’s like my dog, he’s stopping at that tree! I love this Ted! It’s fun and clever!

  5. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  6. Yeah, he’ll stop at the tree. Fun story and cool painting.

  7. What self-respecting dog wouldn’t stop at the tree? Love the perspective in this — and I love the painting that inspired you. Awesome!

  8. I’ve always been of the belief that once you lose your red ball you can never truly get it back. 🙂 Love the artwork! Fun story, as always, Ted.

  9. Of course he will stop at the tree-he cannot ignore the tree,he is a Dog!;-)Loved this fantastic piece Ted:-)

  10. I love the painting. Of course he’ll stop at the tree, that’s the second best treat to finding that ball. Sweet piece!

  11. You’ve met my dog. If only there was just one stop…
    Good take on the prompt!

  12. Tree first. Law of nature ;D

  13. Yes, definitely….unless he finds a fire hydrant first 🙂

    My mind is so morbid, I expected the lights to be headlights and the poor dog was going to get ran over. I’m so glad it turned out to be a matter of ‘to tree, or not tree’

  14. My trees are thankful that both of my dogs are female, or they would be the girls’ first stop too.

  15. This made me smile Ted. Can’t imagine he can resist that tree!

  16. Let’s hope there isn’t a fire hydrant on the return trip or he’ll never make it home. This is a nice change from the usual human perspective.

    Thanks for linking up!

  17. Ah…. for a dog’s life! After facing a huge obstacle, he has such serious decisions to make!
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on links!

  18. I can imagine the movement from the focus on the red ball to the exclusion of all else, then the realisation of the need to apply the brakes – too late – or not…. (RogRites)

  19. KymmInBarcelona | Reply

    Funny, funny. Great plug for the artist, too.

    bit of crit for the challenge: neither bright flash nor bluish light are compound modifiers; they’re adjectives + nouns.

    1. Damn… you are kidding? I wasn’t sure.

      1. Okay… I have changed my story after consulting my American English teacher (my Canadian English teacher is in the Bahamas) Janet Webb. Thanks to my Spanish English teacher in Barcelona for seeing my error.

  20. Always stop at the tree.

  21. Good work and cool painting.

  22. That must be one happy dog. 🙂

  23. I feel very certain a dog would think exactly like this! (and it would be tree first!).
    When is each week’s deadline?
    I missed the linking limit on the post.
    Mine is at

  24. Love the painting….and the story! And yes…at the tree would probably be first!

  25. Reblogged this on TedBook's DAILY PICS… and commented:

    Was searching for a story and saw this old one, one of my favorite artists, and my very most painting of her’s.

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