Friday Fictioneers: A BOSTON DRABBLE



The steel balls shot through the crowd like a swarm of angry hornets awakened from sleep; in their wake came the nails.  The impact of the blast knocked down runners and sent bystanders through the plate-glass of nearby display windows.  Dazed, confused, amidst blood everywhere, people jumped  to help the fallen, not knowing if another blast was imminent.  Police and fire rushed to help, no care for their own safety, and after twenty-six miles, some runners ran two more miles to a nearby hospital to donate blood.  They are the heroes.

Nearby, the coward stood smirking, satisfied with his handiwork.


I usually don’t write this sort of thing, and am not one to ‘jump on a bandwagon’, in fact I abhor that sort of thing.  But, when I saw this week’s photo and wondered what I could write about, this is what popped into my head… Why, I don’t know… I think it looks like one of those mortars that shoot many rockets at once, and the rockets are called ‘bombs’… it looks lethal, as do hornets or wasps when they are coming at you.  So I wrote my impression of what I had seen on television and heard on the radio.


Thanks to The Princess of Punctuation,  Janet Webb, for this week’s Photo Prompt.  Visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to read her story and find out how to add  yours.

To read other stories including Janet’s -> -> -> 

47 responses

  1. Ted, I have to admit that this type of story crossed my mind, too. You did a good job of it.

    Just so I don’t let you down…you need “imminent” not “eminent.” And here, “their own safety; and after”, you only need a common comma instead of the semi-colon. Thanks for the link and “this weeks Photo Prompt” needs “week’s.” 🙂


    1. Damn! I knew I should have sent it to you first. Thanks for the help, and the compliment. Of course it’s ‘imminent’, that was sloppy.. but it’s ‘imminent’ now! 🙂

      1. As they almost say, “Grammar stuff happens.” 🙂

  2. Nice use of the prompt. I know what you mean about being hesitant to write of too current tragedies, but if you need to do it, do it.

    1. Yeah, I’ve never done that before. Almost feel like I am taking advantage of a situation, but I liked this and felt maybe it was a tribute to the people I watched spring into action to help, on the news.

      1. It felt like a tribute, maybe especially so because it was a small detail of the photo that brought to mind the tragedy… like you see it wherever you look.

  3. Good story Theodore

    1. Thanks a lot, Aggie, that means a lot.

  4. That’s OK, Ted. Glad you stuck to your writing guns and your own lights in regard to the subject matter. Like I said once about anecdotal inspirations, “I couldn’t NOT let this get away.” This really worked WELL! Great job!

  5. Yes, this indeed felt like a tribute. a good write-up

    1. I guess it is, I didn’t intend, it just happened. Thanks!

  6. I think it is just fine to write about it this time. We are all thinking about it and it is fine enough to be a piece of this week for perpetuity.

    1. I think you are right, Joe. This one is different.

  7. Well done Ted…unfortunately it is not one of your great fictional stories. I guess I have seen too much reality in my lifetime.

    1. I’d sure rather be writing about Ethel & Cheryl… they haven’t been to FriFic yet.

      When is your next story @ IRWIN’S PLACE?

  8. Great tribute to the people who risked their lives to help the injured.

    FYI: the Husband MIGHT actually make it to San Juan this year for his Mason’s thing 🙂 He’s making plans, hoping to avoid another speeding ticket LOL

    1. Have him bring you along… I’ll babysit while he’s busy with the ceremonies.

      Hey, when’s Tiffany coming back?

      1. Ha ha! I might tag along but we’re going on vacation that following week so I feel bad asking my MIL to watch the rugrats when she’ll be living with them full time for a week 😉

        And it’s TRINITY, not Tiffany. Tsk tsk, I’m insulted :p

      2. Oh, that’s right… Trinity from the Titanic and the Magic Locket! For my friends who don’t know Trinity… that’s where I met Carrie… A budding romance novelist of the finest order…

        Bring the kids… maybe we can go see some Orcas. But then, maybe he needs a break.

  9. my story too has been an outcome of the recent tragedy that have taken place.. though written a bit differently.

  10. Everything that focuses on the good works for me! The heroes are the helpers, the runners, the cops, the aid workers. “They” say that the perps love the media attention so I think they should be shamed, you said it all!

  11. Powerful writing Ted. “they are the heroes” – very true.

  12. This was a very strong story, with your main focus on those that responded so well to these terrible events. You did a really good job here.

  13. Made my heart ache Ted. Ache….

  14. I don’t “like,” as it hits so close to home. I hate thinking about what it would be like to be in the middle of that — even though that’s our job as writers, to go into moments like that. This was sooooo realistic! Made me shiver, literally.

  15. A powerful piece here, to describe the violence from the bomb blasts — and to describe the actions of those heroes who did what they could to help. Great stuff. And I agree in your description of the perpetrator as a coward.

  16. Dear Ted,
    Commas and imminent aside I think this is one of your best. Well thought out and not overdone. Nice one.

    1. Thank you, Rochelle…

  17. Very heart felt Ted. I’m glad you went with your feeling on this.

  18. great job, Ted. such a clever use of the prompt, worked really well. from the nightmarish tragedy emerged true heroes, it only showed the people’s capacity for love, kindness and compassion, how far they would go to help others. heroes indeed. well done.

  19. Nice tribute Ted. Well done.

  20. This is a touching tribute Ted. What’s a silly hornet’s nest compared to what’s really important this week. Nice work.

  21. I thought using the ‘attack of the swarm’ was an excellent analogy, Ted. It was a fitting tribute, especially calling out the heroes. Good job.

  22. What you’ve written is a tribute, so don’t worry about that. You felt you needed to write it, and you did. And you probably helped some folks cope. Good job.

    Here’s mine:

  23. Very good writing and so powerful. Even across the pond we are reeling. I thought Obama’s description was apt, I think he called the perpetrators ‘small and stunted’.
    Great use of the prompt.

  24. Difficult to get the horror out of our minds.

  25. Very nicely told Ted.. It made me delirious.. Liked your portrayal of the bombers – that’s what they truly are.. Cowards lurking in the shadows.

    Good to see you in action on FF 🙂

  26. Ted, you captured the horror of the day here. Gives me chills. Well done.

  27. Well done in writing a true documentary…

  28. I think it is an appropriate tribute to the heroes.

  29. You are supposed to write what inspires you. I love how you were sure to identify him as a coward.

  30. That’s quite an apt and chilling comparison, the shrapnel with hornets. You did a great job handling such a horrific subject.

  31. We have to write about these things. Here in the UK we have had Thatcher’s funeral and the London and the Manchester marathons subsequent to the Boston bombs and it has been difficult to not think about Boston.
    And you juxtapose heroes and cowards beautifully.

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