Fiction Relay – Part 26

The Fiction Relay continues with a new chapter of Suzi’s ongoing saga… will she ever find happiness?


The throaty rumble of the motorcycle forced Suzi from the dream she had been battling. Wide awake with head pounding excitement, she swung from the bed to an alert stance as danger called her name. The past was a blur, her surroundings unfamiliar. She recalled fleeing her apartment with the man called Sam, but little else. The rich knotty-pine of the cabin should be giving comfort, she thought, but instead seemed to be saying ‘leave quickly’. Gathering her things she slipped out the back and disappeared into the woods, as the front door opened. Suzi had no idea where she was, but surroundings seemed familiar so she knew which way to find the road. ‘It always seemed to come to this’, she thought, ‘running’. But this time I know where I’m going, and what I need to do.’ Her watch told her it was after 2, and probably not much chance of catching a ride till daylight. Recalling the sound of the motorcycle bothered her, as she didn’t know who or what that would mean. She would have to be on careful.

Searching the house was a bust. While the others were busy with that bitch Melissa, Blue thought she could save her mom and finish the job, but now she can’t find her. Suzi was the only one that mattered and The Club would be pissed if she failed to deliver. She could imagine that prig Sanderson in her earpiece now. It had been smart to take her bike from the cave, and Blue decided to head for the highway and see if her sixth-sense could pick up a scent.

Suzi knew she had to head West, the map in her head had clearer focus than ever before.  She knew what needed to be done when she got there. It was dark and lonely, but the walking was steeling her resolve as she kept her ears on alert. The fog was good for concealing herself if needed, but made it hard to identify friend or foe. The familiar gurgle of the exhaust put her in the ditch to hide, as the motorcycle slowly passed. Suzi was surprised at the small size of the figure on the bike, tensed in concentration. One thing was sure, she did not want to find out who it was.

The girl on the motorcycle went three miles and stopped, puzzled she had not ‘felt’ her mother.  Deciding it was time to deliver the bad newS, she called Sanderson.  “She’s disappeared.”  ‘What about the others?”  “They don’t know she’s gone yet, but they’ll be looking soon.”  “Beat them to it, you must find her before she reaches New Mexico.”

Confining Melissa in one of the cells, Sam and Ephraim returned to the cabin. “No Suzi and no Blue. Great!” “Well the cars are still here, so she is either afoot or on the back of her daughter’s bike. We’d best go.” “Which way do you think she’d head, Sam?” “West, I’ve got an idea. What about Melissa?” “We just leave her there to join Raj, that’s what I say.”

The headlights were to high for a car, most likely a semi coming, this being a truck route. Thumb out… the hiss of air brakes. “Where you headed, Sister?” “Whatever way you’re going.” “Hop in.”


The Fiction Relay  Started by The Reclining Gentleman, is now up to the 26th chapter of The Story of Suzi.  Co-authored by seven writers, it takes many twists and turns, depending on the genre of choice.  New voices are always welcome… just say the word and TRG will fit you into the lineup.

To see a summary of the adventure so far… SUZI’S SAGA.

Now it’s KC’s turn…

10 responses

  1. Nice story development Ted, I like how the action is moving on again to another location (even if this means i have to google New Mexico and further my geography education!) and how The Club is slowly becoming a factor in the tale.
    Some very nice lines in here too… she swung from the bed to an alert stance as danger called her name…. It always seemed to come to this’, she thought, ‘running’… She knew what needed to be done when she got there… Blue decided to head for the highway and see if her sixth-sense could pick up a scent….
    and i loved how Suzi hides from the bike, great dramatic irony.

  2. And just like last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead…I didn’t see that coming. I’m hoping that by the time it gets back around to me I will be able to write. The past few weeks have been awful for me, but I keep reading this story to keep me motivated. I agree with TRG. The best part is how Suzi hides from her own daughter. I love the tension that keeps building in this story. You did a wonderful job pulling in the newer elements into the storyline. I can’t wait to see what The Club is up to and what secrets are waiting to be unfolded.

  3. Loved the way that you moved the story along both emothionally and
    geographically. Well done

  4. Mrr…don’t know how I missed this. Been on ten-and-eleventerhooks waiting for Dawn to finish hers (sorry you can’t, D. Suzi’ll miss your voice till next time. 😦 ) and never even noticed. Of course since last ep. I’ve been in a lot of things, but “my best shape” was none of them. >.<

    Ok, enough excuses, on to teds chapter. *eg*

    First of all…yay! Pick up all the pieces and throw'em in different directions, see how they fall! A literary game of pick-up-sticks! *giggles*

    And Sam…a bit of viciousness there at the very end…a hint that that particular dog might bite. We already know Ephraims alignment, Lawful Good…and Raj as the Lawful Evil side…but now, we have Melissa, Sam, and Suzi putting in votes toward Chaos…I love it!

    Also the "near miss" game is fun…being an 80's Baby I know the rules of that game pretty well. Almost every "drama" or "adventure" show used it, sometimes to excess… 😉

    Ok, all that said, on to the next chapter! Tune in next week (or maybe later this week, or even tomorrow, I write fast when inspired…*eg*) for another thrilling chapter in the fascinating saga of…Suzi's Dilemma! *waves and scampers*


  5. whups…as trg has just pointed out, Delilah is stepping out this round, not Dawn. >.< My bad. Same sentiment goes, though.

  6. Ted! Long time! I’ve nominated you for the Liebser and Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Awards. Details here:

  7. […] Fiction Relay — Part 26 (by Ted) […]

  8. Finally just read this today. I don’t know why it didn’t show up in my reader…? Nicely done, Ted. I like how you moved the story forward. 🙂

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