“Ethel, there isn’t room to swing a cat!”

“I like my Smart Car. It fits me just fine. But, I’m not the one who could stand to lose a few.”

“Well, I never!”

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That’s what  the Trifectas asked us to use this time.  Here, I’ll let them tell it:

“This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 words including an idiom somewhere within.  Examples of idioms include – add fuel to the fire or wear your heart on your sleeve.  You can find more examples and a definition of idiom here.  Good luck! ”

To see some Idiom Driven Stories… click the trike.


57 responses

  1. Definitely a car for tiny people. Like me. But doesn’t look so safe unless everyone is driving one. Your story sounds like hopefully fun “argument”. Thanks for visiting mine and commenting. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Maggie… yes a fun “argument” as always with those two.

  2. I will never be bored by your two ladies and their bickering.

    1. I’m glad, not likely to stop.

  3. And the fur flies!

    I once saw a Smart Car parked in Costco’s parking lot (if you don’t have one, they are a bulk warehouse store – think BIG.) I always wonder what they buy in there, and imagine them attaching the 36-roll paper towel pack to the roof with bungee cords 🙂

    1. Damn, that’s funny! But, more likely toilet paper… that’s Costco’s biggest seller you know. I live on an island, and in the ferry line, you always know who’s been to Costco by the Giant pack of toilet paper in the back.

      1. Hehe…we buy TP there, too. It doubles as a game for us: since we don’t have room to store it all in one place, we ‘hide’ it and then have to ‘seek’ it out when it really counts 🙂

      2. That is insidious…

  4. This is great Ted! I love the “room to swing a cat” idiom – it always makes me wonder who swung the first cat to figure it out… 🙂

    1. Good thought… I’ll have to do some research now. Thanks, Suzanne.

  5. they are so little, I like a compact car, but they are …so little.
    Swing a cat, best idiom ever. As always you make the words work. 🙂

  6. Hola Ted, te deseo a tí y seres queridos una Feliz Pascua.
    Un abrazo

    1. Gracias señorita .. usted también.

  7. You are great at delivering these little nuggets of tension that feel real. Once again, I knew these people. You have a lot of characters that seem to spring out of your head, fully developed. Now: where’s the manuscript? I want to buy your book.

  8. Scriptor Obscura | Reply

    If you get into a crash with one of those, there wouldn’t be anything left. Imagine one of those against a Mack truck. You’d be crushed flat, flatter than a pancake. The only crash you could survive in one of those would be against another “Smart Car”. Nothing smart about it when you’re getting killed. What’s the use of saving fuel if you’re dead? I think safety’s more important. If everybody drove one there wouldn’t be a problem. In Europe there’s a lot more of those on the roads. I’ve seen one or two around here where I live. Oh, and what if you’re driving in a big windstorm, or a gale or some heavy weather or something? You’d be blown away like a leaf, no chance. Those things just aren’t safe, in my opinion. I wouldn’t feel safe driving one! 😯

    1. They would be okay around town, but I would be scared to death on the freeway. I live on an island (little one… not England size) so they are great here… I see quite a few.

  9. This mad me laugh! Loved it!

  10. love the look of those little cars – those and mini coopers – we have a few hereabouts. But laughing at the idea of storing the costco tp in it. 🙂

    1. If you did, that would be your passenger.

  11. Oh burn! I’d still rather have an Abarth.

  12. Fun write like most of your writings.

  13. Love Ethel – woman after my own heart that one 😉 Great take Ted.

  14. This reminds me of the time my cousin went to take her first driver’s test and the instructor turned her away because he was too overweight to fit inside my aunt’s car. o__O

  15. Very good use of the idiom. 😉

  16. There are a ton of those things here in Hong Kong. My kids always point at them and laugh, which is funny because we see them as we’re walking our butts down to the bus stop, so really. . . I need to teach those kids about glass houses and rocks.

    1. Just get them a cat…

  17. I always loved the “swing a cat” idiom. It paints a hilarious picture, especially in a Smart Car! Great Job Ted.

    1. Me too. Thanks, Lum.

  18. Have ya ever tried swinging a cat? They’re not particularly fond of it. Poor Tigger. I wonder if he ever forgave me. Ah, memories of my youth. Ha ha!

    1. Oh, probably after you fed him…

  19. Love this, even if Ethel is a little rude.

    1. Ethel speaks her mind, but then, they are best friends.

  20. Ouch! I never thought about a car being an incentive to lose a few! I love the swing a cat idiom, and the name Ethel. Old school-and one I’ve used myself:) Great use of your 33 words!!

    1. Thank you, Valerie.

  21. Haha Ted. I enjoyed this one. There isn’t room to swing a cat should be the name of the smart car!!! Haha!

    1. That might be a ‘smart’ marketing ploy. Thanks, Linda.

  22. Funny. Cute little anecdote too.

  23. When swinging a cat in smart car, it’s best to make sure the car is full first. Much more entertaining that way.

    Joining in from Susie’s party.

    1. Excellent thinking!

  24. I was going to use the same idiom! We’re starting to see those cars here – Joking about getting one for our daughter so she can pass the parallel parking part of her driver’s test.

    1. Thank you, Kelly. I’ll bet they are easy to park. I almost got one, then good sense prevailed.

  25. Ha!ha!Ted!I can imagine the two going at it hammer & tongs(Trifecta has put in idiomatic mood,lol!)-hopefully ,the squabble was not in that tiny car;-)Enjoyed this totally:-)

    1. Hammer and Tongs… Oh my. I think it may have been.

  26. Perfect title for this little teeny tiny post!

    1. Love that remark, thank you, Marie.

  27. kymminbarcelona | Reply

    Hate the car, love the ladies. Went down an internet hole not long ago with that idiom of swinging a cat. Funny, Ted!

    1. I’ve always liked that one. Glad you like them, they may be around a lot.

  28. Nice way to fit the idiom in there! But I have to say those itty bitty cars look like they’d be hard to handle next to a semi.

    1. Yeah! Thanks Renee…

  29. I think you are talking about Marty and me! 😆 Two old ladies that bicker on and on!!

    1. I wouldn’t call you old.

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