Trifecta Writing Challenge #65: BLAME GAME

Highclere_Castle   BLAME GAME… a story in 333 words

(If you recognize the castle and have not watched the ending… read no further)

She pushed her way out the revolving door, past the disgusting smokers, inhaling with them for a split second and wishing she had one. She needed to stretch off the molded plastic chair she had been sitting on all night. Reaching the end of the overhang, it was beginning to get light out, nothing but a dreary drizzle… it had been “raining cats and dogs” earlier, as Ethel liked to say. They told her to go home, nothing she could do, they would call her. But Ethel was her best friend, so she sat and waited.

Cheryl had bought a Tribune, she didn’t bother with the front section, the news was always depressing and she felt bad enough. She skipped the financial section, no interest, but quick to exhaust the A & E for gossip. Sports were left, time to check and see if the Blackhawks were still undefeated. Their friend Betty had gotten them hooked on hockey. Betty lived near Detroit, so she was a Wings fan. She called them ‘her babies’, and went on and on about them… they weren’t doing well. Ethel and Cheryl found it exciting and watched all the games on TV. Betty had also turned them on to Downton Abbey. That’s who Cheryl was blaming for Ethel’s present condition and her own discomfort. Downton Abbey… Julian Fellowes who writes the show, Dan Stevens (Mathew) for not renewing his contract so Mathew had to be killed… and Betty. Ethel was devastated and the shock was just too much for her.

A doctor came out and told Cheryl that Ethel was okay and ready to go home. He thanked her for waiting. “It had only been a case of bad heartburn.”

Cheryl felt bad. Ethel will be pissed she didn’t have a heart attack. She had insisted they order in from the new Mexican restaurant, and Ethel was not an adventurous eater. Cheryl had insisted on calling 911 when Ethel said she was okay. Maybe, she was to blame.


Trifecta Challenge Week Sixty-Five: Write 33 to 333 words using the third definition of the word: EXHAUST

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22 responses

  1. These characters are sounding familiar… great twist at the end. Hope Betty likes the story too.

  2. Well told story. Told in the voice of a person unhappy and constant complainer. You capture the thoughts nicely.

  3. heh, getting all worked up over a television show (: Still, better safe than sorry!

  4. Helluva heartburn! These are very engaging characters Ted!

  5. Great character study and the story is well told. I like how you built up the drama.

  6. I love that Ethel will be pissed that she didn’t have a heart attack, because how much more interesting would the story be to tell her friends if she had! And it sounds like that really, it’s all Betty’s fault for introducing them to the super exciting world of hockey AND Downton Abbey.

  7. I was giggling by the end-it’s so funny !I could see Ethel cribbing about it later & how things would get when these 3 got together -blame game indeed;-)Loved it Ted.

  8. Of course, I love the Chicago Trib references. I too am guilty of blowing past the first few sections to A & E. I like the way you built up these characters to the end. Then them questioning just who is to blame.

  9. I love all of the Chicago references here! It cracks me up that Betty introduced them to hockey and Downton Abbey! The two could not be more different from each other. I, however, do love my Hawks and DA. Now I know the behind-the-scenes story with Matthew. I really enjoyed reading this!

  10. Ha! This is so much fun. I can really picture your characters – they are so well drawn and remind me of the ladies my grandmother used to hang out with. Wonderful story Ted!

  11. This is great! That must have been some really bad heartburn.

  12. I liked the consistent voice throughout the piece and the end was fun.

  13. Oh man.. this needed a spoiler alert. I’m late to the Downton Abbey party and have only just seen the episode where Mary and Matthew return from their honeymoon. Be that as it may your story is nicely written and Cheryl and Ethel are quite a pair.

  14. Ted, that was nice of you to put that spoiler alert up there – but I think I’m one of the few who have some catching up to do. And I don’t think I’ll be rushed to the hospital for having learned they kill off Matthew! 🙂 I don’t take it that seriously! I live in Sebastopol, wine country, Sonoma County – if you’re ever nearby please let me know! And I’ll do the same.

    1. That’s a nice area. I never liked Matthew, but love the show… it is one of those that is delicious to watch. Let me know if you get to Seattle, or better yet come to Friday Harbor.

  15. such a fun read, Ted. the characters are so amusing. “Ethel will be pissed she didn’t have a heart attack.” lol loved that line ^^

  16. I’ve never seen Downtown Abbey, so I’m clueless there 🙂 I like how Cheryl was ready to blame everyone in the world and finally questioned herself. But sometimes blame is homeless 🙂

  17. All I know of Downton Abbey is that many people are hooked. But I do know about elderly ladies. A friend’s mother, at 92, could not be peeled from the tele during the entire summer Olympics.

  18. I really like your writing style, good information, appreciate it for posting : D

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