Friday Fictioneers: JUST STOP!


♫♪”Stop! In the name of love.”♩♫   I can’t get it out of my head.

Not ‘Starbuckie’, think ‘parents old furniture’ type. We met in line, she looked sad. I was nice. She was going to karaoke and her eyes said she wanted me to go. I did, she was kinda cute. She sang Diana Ross to me.

♩♭♬   “I’m aware of where you go”♬    She’s everywhere, even when I jog.

She was fun for a while. I didn’t lead her on. I didn’t know what to do.

♭♪♪”Before you break my heart”♭♪    Couldn’t do that.

“I want my lawyer now.”


Another 100 word song for Friday Fictioneers… The photo prompt  was taken in Jeonju, South Korea by David Stewart, one of our Sci-Fi Fictioneers… he lives in Korea… check into the Green Walled Tower sometime.  Also, if you read sheet music… I don’t… zip it up!  And, Rich… I am not counting the musical notes as words.

Here’s where to find the other stories based on this fantastical statue.  My friend Parul said “Perhaps his photography skills added to the intrigue!”  I quite agree.  Glad he didn’t lose his Nikon.

Rochelle’s Froggie >>>>>>>  

25 responses

  1. Ted, this is great! I love this, especially, she’s everywhere, even when I jog. I chuckled to myself.

  2. You rock ! You can evoke more emotion in a few words than most can
    do with many.

  3. This made me smile. Funny how songs can launch us back to a time or place. I love the “she’s everywhere, even when I jog” line too.

  4. You done good Ted! I wouldn’t count the musical notes either, after all they aren’t words right? I enjoyed this very much!

  5. Way to bring Diana Ross into it — awesome! I wouldn’t have counted the musical notes as words, either.

  6. Dear Ted,
    How did you do that? The musical notes I mean. Very clever. Almost as clever as you r story. 😉

  7. Here you are, Ted. Hey, baby, they’re playin’ our song! (Not the same artist, but still from back in the day.) I know all about getting a song stuck in my head so good luck getting it out!


  8. This is terrific. Now I will be singing this song all night!

  9. Nice a romance from meeting to divorce. 🙂

    1. I had not thought of that. Neat how these stories can be open to so many interpretations. Thanks!

  10. Like the story and like the way you wrote it. Love the last line! 🙂
    Nicely done, as always.

  11. “I want my lawyer now.”–you know how to end it! great little read here.

  12. Good Gravy I don’t want to be that guy. Good job Ted, as always.

  13. i saw the notes and they immediately made me smile. sigh, romance gone bad. She’s everywhere, even when I jog. — LOL at that ^^ loved your last line too. great job

  14. cool pic Ted, I liked it

  15. The cycle of a relationship in song. Nicely done Ted. An original take on the prompt.

  16. Love how you threaded the music throughout. Great stuff

  17. It always ends up that way…. She’s everywhere, even when I jog. LMAO. You make me laugh every week Ted.

  18. […] compulsive joker, Who is afraid of the punitentiery. When  you  drink like a land based animal, Hit men would be cheaper. The subliminal message in the cheesecake only works for low perbole. The world  […]

  19. I’m stuck with ear-worms after this. Great job Ted.

  20. Hi Ted
    I didn’t think I was going to get to your story due to my dodgy internet connection (1 minute on, 1 hour off – driving me mad), glad I did, though. I love the use of lyrics in this. Really enjoyed it 🙂

  21. Great story Ted. I’ve just read an article on stalkers in the paper, so I was thinking more along those lines, rather than divorce, at the end, especially since she’s everywhere, even when he goes jogging, but either way, I really liked it.

  22. I want musical notes on my keyboard! How do I get them?

    Great and funny and realistic story Ted. I read it as the story of a ‘stalkee’.
    I like this:
    She was fun for a while. I didn’t lead her on. I didn’t know what to do.
    Sometimes this isn’t exactly true, but even ‘leading someone one’ does not cause stalking.

    The song: it could have been ‘Play Misty For Me’.

  23. all i can say is that this is more well done than it should be because it reminds me of something i had to deal with over the past few months. and i’ll leave it at that.

  24. Oh dear…….Yikes on the Play Misty for Me comment…..Good one Ted!

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