Fiction Relay – Part 21

 The Fiction Relay continues with this latest installment of Suzi’s Saga…


“Wait in the van and stay silent, I’ll see if we can get inside the lab.” With a pull on his flask, Raj left the for the underground bunker. The entrance beckoned with a dim flicker of light; Raj slipped inside, feeling his way along the damp rockiness as he entered the cave proper. It had been so long since Elijah was killed, and he had been called Khalid. Anxious sweat permeates his being as the chamber emerges. Moving forward, Raj sees a figure that releases feelings he can no longer control. Slipping his arms around Suzi, he inhales her scent.


Melissa was pissed. Lighting another cigarette, she vented, ‘he is not the boss of me, the fucker, I’m as much a part of this as anyone’. Exiting the van, she made her way to the cave.


Awaking from a darkness, Suzi found herself tied to an examining table in one of the lab rooms. She had underestimated Raj’s telekinetic powers, and now her silken panties were being slipped down to her ankles. Suzi shut her eyes, as Raj unbuckled his pants and mounted her. All she could think was, ‘the snake is out’, as the stench of cheap liquor and sweat assaulted her nostrils. She held her breath and waited.


Cutting deep through the murk of the last dream, Ephraim senses the peril and begins a search. “Where is Suzi, Sam?”
“Isn’t she reading on the porch?”
“She’s gone to the cave”!


A warm viscosity spreading over her face brings Suzi back to reality. The copper taste, forces her eyelids to part, revealing Raj’s lifeless eyes locked on her own. The sight of Melissa, frozen above, brings instant relief, as the scalpel clatters to the floor.

“He always liked you more.”

To be continued…  


The next installment will be penned by KC .  For a quick ‘catch up’ on Suzi’s Saga… check yourself into the Fiction Relay  SUMMARY. 

To see all installments and find how to participate, see The Reclining Gentleman at… Fiction Relay HOMEPAGE

18 responses

  1. Gee, thanks, Ted! Y’know it’s called “passing the baton”, not bonk the new player in the head with it! *giggles*

    Totally kidding, btw. I got this one. And thanks again, y’all, for letting me come and paddle in your pond. ;p


    1. Everyone is waiting, KC. No pressure or anything, of course.

  2. Oooooh intriguing! I wonder if Raj really is “lifeless”…

    1. Don’t go putting ideas in anyone’s head. A slit throat is a slit throat.

      1. *snrx* Yeah, and Melissa was “dead” back at Gino’s. ;p

        B’sides, I don’t need anyone to put ideas in my head…there’re so many in there that they fall out of my ears. ;p again.

  3. You know, no one has had sex in this series and that surprises me. Wasn’t expecting Melissa to save the day, but Suzi isn’t outta the woods yet. Nicely done , Ted.

    1. I keep waiting for you or Dawn, CC. There’s hope yet. I know you both are dying to do it

      1. The moment hasn’t been right when my turn’s come around.

      2. Shoot… I thought sure you would be the one. Next time ‘write’ in the moment.

  4. Holy Shnickies! 🙂 All kinds of tension going on here: sex-assault tension, murder-tension, jealousy-tension… ooh! Really great job, Ted.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Never liked Raj.

      1. Okay. I won’t bring him back. (But I can’t speak for the others….) 😉

  5. Put up a little teaser and some info over on my page. Just wanted to point it out so nobody missed it. 😉

    1. I loved it and can’t wait to read…

  6. Geez, this is my first reading this series but I’m fully invested in the action. Quite the group! Nice segment Ted 🙂

    1. You should join, Carrie… we need another Romance Writer!

  7. Nicely done, Ted. You were able to add the details that simply elude me when writing. Oh, and I promise- no robot chickens.

    1. Thanks, D. Actually the Robot Chicken might ‘spice’ things up…

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