Trifextra: The Writer

The word prompt for this week’s Trifextra Challenge is: Personification

The tricycle groaned and rolled two more inches forward. “Who picks a word like ‘personification’ for a prompt, anyway?” Schwinn thought.

The pen skipped across the page, scratching and trying to leave a trail of something to answer the prompt. “I don’t know what to write, everyone knows that doesn’t really happen right?” Bic asked.

The Writer moves the trike out of the way and looks for his pen.


Apparently… I did not read the instructions very well, apparently I didn’t read them at all, assuming this was a Trifecta Challenge… but no, this is the TrifEXtra!  Which limits the word count to 33 exactly.  So… I’m a little over.  I would not have known, except for the kind and gentle suggestions calling this to my attention… see comments by my new friends Cobbie and Dawn below, gaining my undying gratitude.  I will be more careful next week.  

Herewith my edited version:

The tricycle groaned and rolled two more inches forward.

The pen skipped across the page to answer the prompt.

The Writer moves the trike out of the way and looks for his pen.

44 responses

  1. This is a great take on this prompt. Sometimes my pen does the work for me. Great post.

    1. Thank you, deanabo! I really appreciate you reading all my stuff.

  2. Ah! if only it was that easy!

    1. Yeah, a magic pen would be nice. Thanks.

  3. As much as I enjoyed this, Ted, you are way over the word limit. The weekend challenges are all 33 word challenges. Luckily, you still have time to revise and resubmit. After all, we’ve all had those writer’s block moments and can appreciate what you expressed so humourously in your post. Looking forward to a shorter version of this same post.

    1. Thank you so much for calling my error in assuming this was the same as the weekday prompt. Not being one to break rules, I will edit immediately.

  4. Btw, because you have to approve these comments of mine, feel free to delete them after you have read them. If you revise quickly enough, no one need be any the wiser. I will happily re-comment regarding your new piece. 🙂

    1. Oh no, Cobbie, I never delete. Please re-comment. I am going to your submission to count words now.

  5. Hehe, awesome 🙂 Great personsification. But meep – this is the trifEXTRa challenge, is spose to be 33 words only!

    1. Dawn, you are too kind. Thank you for the compliment and the ‘meep’, I’m editing.

      1. No problem! And the compliment was much deserved – and still is. Lookin good with the revised entry! 😀

  6. snicker . . . loved it.

  7. Powerfu editing Ted! 🙂 I hate reading instructions too… Loved it.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. That’s what I get for assuming.

      1. You’ve always struck me as the most unassuming of people. 😉

      2. Hah!… but thanks…

  8. Wow!This is fabulous!Loved how smoothly you weaved in the three main elements involved in Trifecta writing challenges- the tricycle , the pen & the writer, in this piece.:-)

    1. Wow yourself! Thank You!!!

  9. Ah…the high standard always expected and received when arriving here…well done sir! Though provoking actually.

    1. ah, a familiar face! glad I provoked.

  10. Ha ha! You can always blame me. I should be more thorough in explaining the guidelines, especially when we get more than a few newcomers at a time. Sorry about that! I loved both versions, btw. 🙂

    1. I’m am assigning you full blame, with all that Trifecta talk at the start. I even posted the wrong instructions… that has been corrected. I’m on to your game, and it won’t happen again… I promise. Thanks for the love.

  11. Cobbie's World (Tom MacInnes) | Reply

    Very well done, Ted! Both submissions were clever takes on the prompt. Thanks for being such a good sport. I look forward to reading countless future poems and stories in the weeks and weekends to come. 🙂

    1. Thank you for clueing me in. I hope your class learns something from my mistake. Maybe a lesson in humility and editing. Let me know, I think it’s a wonderful idea for a teaching tool… all these different stories. Maybe some of them will try the TrifEXtra.

  12. I enjoyed your original version-I thought it was cute and funny. I liked how you incorporated the Trifecta logo and the writers noble steed, the pen. Nice job. 🙂

    1. Hi Jodie… thanks a lot. The tricycle was the first thing that came to mind… most likely because I was looking at it… It is a cool logo.

  13. Stretched rules or not, this is an amusing piece (: I love it!

    1. Wow… Thank You. Praise from The Great Draug!

  14. Both versions are excellent. Reading the first version it didn’t occur to me that it was too long. So I’m glad there are those who keep us on our toes. I mean that. I would want it pointed out to me, too. Great work on your part!

    1. Hey thanks, Steph. I really agree, and want to know if I misspell or have blundered… this time was a good one.

  15. Done like a true Trifectan! (btw, have you seen my pen?)

    1. Wow… I am honored. I’ll keep my eye out for it… a Cross of course?

      1. kymminbarcelona

        but of course!

  16. I enjoyed both versions. Nice take on the prompt!

    1. Thank you so much, Renee.

  17. I’m glad I’m not the only one who fails to follow directions sometimes. 🙂 Both attempts at personification were great…


    1. Thank you, Cheryl… great minds think alike…

  18. This is bloody brilliant. I love the pen having a mind of it’s own and the way you worked the logo into it. Fantastic work. I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the 333 limit this week 🙂

    1. Hey, thanks. Yours was a piece of work today! Loved it.

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    1. Wow… thank you for linking my story.

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