Friday Fictioneers… THE TELEPHONE RINGS…


Rochelle Wisoff Fields

                      It’s for you, Jan!!!

Somewhere in Belton, Missouri (founded in 1868 by Alexander Graham Bell) a telephone rings.  A petite woman rushes into the parlor and lifts the earpiece… //// WAIT A MINUTE!!!   I’VE ALREADY DONE THIS ONE!  WHERE’S THIS WEEK’S FRIDAY FICTIONEERS PHOTO PROMPT???


Rochelle sent all The Fictioneers a beautiful photo that Renee Heath, at Rendezvous With Renee, took at her daughter’s wedding… I can’t wait to read Renee’s story… Oh, here’s the photo…

Copyright-Renee Homan Heath

I’ll be back later with my story.  If you want to know more about 100 Word Flash Fiction and  The Friday Fictioneers  go see Rochelle and join in with your story.  To see Renee and other’s stories go here… 


13 responses

  1. Ted, you rat!! Talk about a tale with a “gotcha” at the end! Just for that, you have to read my story twice!!


      1. Made me click on your link to discover you haven’t posted your story yet. OR…made this your story and are spoofing me at the end. Choose quickly or else!

      2. Twice the fun! Click on #43…

        p.s. I read your story more than twice… well done… that’s hard to do.

  2. I think you just didn’t want to be last in the queue. You’ve grabbed your towel and reserved your sun lounger 🙂

    1. Ha… no, I just hadn’t decided what to do… but, couldn’t pass up this perfect photo op.

  3. Hi Ted,
    I read your real story first. If I’d seen this first I might not have been so nice. Hahaha. Cute.

  4. Your best writing yet! LOL


    1. I thought so too… you are too kind, Tom!

  5. i agree with Tom Poet…:p

      1. umm, have another cup of hot brew…you be fine…::

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