Friday Fictioneers… THE TELEPHONE RINGS…

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.”

“Number please.”

“Doug!  Get off the damn line!  I’m so sorry Parul, you can always tell when someone is eavesdropping.

“Operator… May I help you?”

“Is that you Janet? Can you hear me? It’s Rich!”

“The number you have reached has been disconnected, and there is no new number.”

“A gracious good morning to you… have I reached the party to whom I’m speaking?”

“If you would like to make a call, please hang up and dial again.”

 “Hi this is Ted (very perky voice)… leave a message and I’ll call you back.”



I’ll just phone this one in to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers… To see other writer’s stories inspired by Rochelle’s photo…

72 responses

    1. Thank you, Michelann…

    1. Thanks, Aggie… I figured you might like it.

  1. lol. That was nicely done

    1. Thanks so much… glad you’re smiling…

  2. “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name? Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game.” You got ’em all except that one, Ted. What havoc that humble object from the early days pictured in the prompt above has wreaked upon our lives!

    1. Where was Jim when I was trying to think of things…

  3. Oh the good old days I never had to see!
    I get a mention, yayy! 🙂
    Nice work Ted. Hilarious!

    1. Thanks, Miss P… glad the call went through.

  4. A period of history in 100 words…makes the picture of the old phone seem to echo…goy an extra chuckle seeing Parul in the story!

  5. Here Ted has turned the fictioneers into fiction…hahaha! I nice twist on us! Well done!

    1. I tried, Cee,,, watch out! Thanks…

  6. Funny. Have I reached the party to whom I’m speaking. Lol

    1. Most famous telephone ‘line’ of all time… thanks…

  7. “Operator, oh would you help me make this call…” You made me smile, Ted. Nice one.

  8. The history of the telephone in a hundred words. 😉 Great job!

    Here’s mine:

    1. I like that. Thanks… that is what I was trying for… had trouble with the crank ones… I wasn’t around then…

  9. Very perky voice indeed! 🙂 I see you’ve been using the latest technology to eavesdrop on our conversations. What? What did you say?

    1. The very latest, Janet… I have video too…

      1. Now there’s a scary thought–for you!! 🙂 Good luck with that!

  10. Really clever, creative take on the prompt. Loved it!!

  11. Urgh, don’t you just hate phones? But what would we do without them? I really loved the line ‘Have I reached the party to whom I’m speaking’. Very funny.

    1. Got Ernestine with that call… thanks, Claire.

  12. Ted, I like you. This was wonderful.

    1. Thank you Margaret-Dawn… Such a sweet thing to say! Glad you liked it.

  13. Great story! I actually operated one of these telephone exchanges for a while in the early 70s, as an internal exchange. It was really difficult to operate. You have to remember who you’ve connected to whom. I got a lot of abuse. To this day, I hate telephones!

  14. Hi, this is Pete … see you later operator! (Band swings into operation featuring Rochelle as conductor, cue major musical number …)

    1. Thanks, Pete… She would be one hell of a conductor!

  15. That is cute. ‘Party line.’ Ha Ha. A crazy kind of ‘party’ on that ‘line.’ We have sure come along way from over 75 some years ago with a phone like that to skype, iphone, etc.

    1. Thanks, Joyce… No need for phone cos. now… what’s next?

  16. Call BR549…..thanks for this one. I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

  17. Hi Perky Ted – this one really made me laugh. And I’ve been around long enough (just) to recognise the names which made me feel part of something ‘special’. 🙂

    1. That’s a nice thing to say. Thank you, I think it makes it fun to do occasionally.

  18. Ted,
    Last week you had me singing Hot Cross Buns…this week it’s Jim Croce’s Operator
    …I’m Singing Ted! I really am…just listen…. Listen.
    “Can you hear me, now?”… Maybe I have the wrong number…
    Or “the number on the matchbox is old and faded”. Anyway, “you can keep the dime”.

    1. I’m so glad there’s no audio on this blog. Thanks, Tom.

  19. Some moons ago, I stayed in one of the few rural areas to have a live operator–she knew everyone, what they were up to and where they were most of the time. She functioned as a conduit for messages and would transfer personal calls to those who told her where they would be visiting (she’d also pass that information on to anyone who inquired–which was good and bad). There are days when I’d love to have her back on the line.

    1. Now we don’t even need phone company’s anymore.

  20. Love it…i still have a smile on my face. Very well done

  21. Hehe.. Hilarious to the hilt! 🙂 Enjoyed reading.

    1. I’m glad you did… Thanks!

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ted, you ROCK! The stories I have read (and I have enjoyed a great many of them) have been serious … up until now! THANKS!!!!!! Refreshing!

    I know the The Queen Rochelle enjoyed it, too! BTW, her ring tone on my phone is the sound of the Seaview from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. One time, I heard it while I was in the shower … thought a sub was going to come through the wall. “Man the pumps!”

    So, I’m going to change it to a Star Trek sound … we already have the communicator app.

    1. Thanks… I kind of figured that was going to happen. Yeah, you would need something über dramatic for that tiny package I would think.

  23. I expect nothing less than a “very perky voice”. This was very cool. I remember eavesdropping on my sisters calls…hahaha. Good ole days.

    1. My message is very perky…Thanks.

  24. Hi Ted,
    This is the Bell Telephone Complaint Department. We’ve been listening in to your calls and have decided to cancel your service for telephone abuse. We know it’s not all your fault. Those people you hang out with are a bad influence. Ron

    1. Hi Ma Bell… Yes, I’ve tried t mend my ways, but those Fictioneers can be hard to stay away from…

  25. Ha ha! Hey, I want to be in on this conversation. Did I need an invitation? Very funny and clever, Ted!

    1. Eavesdrop anytime, Amy!

  26. Hahaha…..good one!!!

  27. had to read a second time because i thought I had missed something. I get it now. Don’t you know the operarors heard it all.

    1. That’s what my grandmother said. She was a telephone operator from the early days, and loved to say the numbers for us… rolling them off her tongue.

  28. What an interesting take on the prompt. Great use of dialogue!

  29. thank goodness for cell phone technology…of course, i’m sure someone may be listening in as well. *eek*
    totally enjoyed this moment here. ❤

    1. No doubt… haha… Thanks!

  30. there was a great scene in an “i love lucy” episode in which there was a party line, she wanted to make a call, but she couldn’t because of two other women who wouldn’t hang up. then she imitated their brooklyn affectation and said, “oh, there goes my doorbell. i’ll have to call you back.” and both of the other women hung up, and then lucy made her call. well done.

    1. Thanks, Rich. I never saw that one. I remember staying on a remote ranch when I was a kid and they still had a party line. They would break in an say they had to make an important call. I think most of them were related.

  31. LOL. This is classic! My grandmother used to work for the telephone company. That was her job, telephone operator. You just described how I always envisioned her days. Now you got this song stuck in my head.

    1. So did mine. Never heard that one, or of Pete. Infectious beat! Thanks, Debra.

  32. Ha very funny. Just wonder how you would transform it to an iPhone at the end.

    1. That is my message on my iPhone.

  33. Very good use of 100 words. Fantastic job.

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