Fiction Relay – Part 15

And now Dear Readers, it’s time for another installment of Fiction Relay… The Continuing Saga of Suzi.  To see where we last left Suzi and Sam, go to Deliah’s Blog and catch up.

And now, back to the story…

“We need you.”

Their fear permeated the room, and slammed into Ephraim like a freight train full of bad memories. He had not dreamt of this meeting, in fact had not thought of them for some time… until tonight… and sure as hell did not need to ask how they had found him. They had that ability, as did some of the others.

This was not the assured Daniel he remembered, now holding out the photograph with a tremble. And little Suzi, well she wasn’t little anymore.

“Take it, please. They’re coming.”

Ephraim knew the photo was taken at the orphanage Mr. Sanders had founded in Kentucky. One look and the past flooded out of the image. The five pals growing up together. Raised in the restaurant,  then split up to work in different areas of the business. Some climbed the corporate ladder, while others like Raj still tended the fryers.

He was correct in his investigation of the crime scene at the diner. It made perfect sense now. Melissa had been in Research and Development at the time. News of the theft had been suppressed those many years ago. They had all suspected, as she would have had access to it, and then she disappeared.

The gristly murder of a little known short order cook had taken a familiar turn when Ephraim found out that Gino had been turning out fantastic tasting, although familiar, fried chicken. A taste of herbs and spices spilled on the counter confirmed it. But, how had a nondescript diner like Maisy’s landed such a talent?  The answer hit home like a 100 pound bag of flour when he discovered the identity of the owner. Melissa. She held the secret to Gino’s success with the bird, a secret stolen years ago, and just now surfacing. But where was she? The outline on the floor, was that her? He knew it wasn’t Suzi, for she was standing here before him. With Daniel. Surveillance photos, taken by Corporate, had placed Suzi as a waitress and Daniel, now called Sam, as a much too frequent diner at Maisy’s. Ephraim suspected Sam had been enlisted to track down the stolen secret recipe. So who had it? Melissa, Suzi or Sam? And what of Raj, could he be far behind?  These questions raced threw his head as he looked at the photo.

A quiet knock at the door.

In case you would like to start Suzi’s story at the beginning… The Fiction Relay Homepage

Noted romance novelist Dawn is up next…

19 responses

  1. You are a GENIUS Ted!! What a great backstory, and another new development to move things on. And i love the noir phrasing, worthy of Marlowe. brilliant 🙂

    1. So glad to have your approval. Don’t know about the genius part, but thanks.

      1. it’s not “approval”, everyone is free to write their own thing, i just nag them if it’s taking a while 😉 but honestly, your plot was inspired!

      2. You are the Majordomo…

  2. Ahhh I’ll come back to this when we stop travelling. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Okay Honey, thank you for stopping by yourself.

  3. Sanders. Fried Chicken. Kentucky. Secret Recipe. Wow.

    1. Yes, the plot thickens…

  4. I liked what you did. The KFC angle cracked me up.

    1. Me too, CC, a lot… thanks…

  5. Okay, I just saw TODAY that you’d posted this. (Somehow it never showed up in my WordPress reader…?) Nice job, Ted! Offbeat, snarky, and exactly-what-we-needed right now. 🙂

    Here’s mine:

    1. Wow… you are fast. Glad you liked it and can’t wait to see what you wrote… going now, D.

      1. Your writing didn’t show that. Really liked your description of the lane.

  6. Ted. What is this fiction relay? Was just reading this over.

    1. Hi Honey… it is a silly thing a guy in England started. People have volunteered to take turns to write a chapter, driving the story on. Here’s where you can get the info:

      For a kick, start at the beginning and read each one, to see what happens to Suzi. No one has an idea where this is headed. Four writers have to go next before it’s back to me. I know you are more of a memoirist and humor writer… or should I say humor?… but if you want to try a bit of fiction… You may join if you like. No experience necessary.

      1. Will read from the beginning. Probably will stay on the sidelines. Great idea.

  7. I very much like the sentence: “This was not the assured Daniel he remembered, now holding out the photograph with a tremble.”

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