Friday Fictioneers… THE CHAIRS


Chairs… or lack of.

It was down to ergonomics now.  Douglas had his proven recipes, and even decided on the background music.  But to lure people in to clack away on the next Great American Novel required comfort.   And, Doug planned big.  Soon maybe the next Canterbury Tales or something for Bollywood… as he was going global with his empire.   Colors, fabrics and shapes danced in his head, as did slogans, jingles and logos.

The honking horn broke his reverie.  Doug slid open the window and put out his tip jar.  The silver mini-van pulled up with his first customer.


A beautiful photo prompt this week by Rochelle‘s friend,  Jean Hays, who created the Ab Fab stained glass panel.  When I was in Sacramento, I lived on Fulton Ave.  I wonder what is at 708?  Maybe this coffee shop.  

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49 responses

  1. Wonderful tragicomedy!There is a range of emotions there, from Walter Mittey down. Enjoyed it very much.

    1. Thanks, yer… I’ll be over…

  2. You have to start somewhere and dreaming big is good. (Hmmm, wrote “dramming” first–what does THAT mean???) If this is our Doug, maybe spaceships, planets and stars for decor? 🙂

    1. Everyone starts somewhere, as they say. If it is, it would be ‘otherworldly’ for sure…

  3. Dear Ted,
    I wondered, too, if this might be our Doug. Not that there could be any others. (It’s Hays…no “e”). This Fulton’s in Brooklyn.
    Love your story. I relate to those dreams and the right music is essential.

    1. Thanks, Rochelle… How can you be reading these stories with that baby there?!?

      Took care of the ‘e’… thanks. I wonder what Jean will think of all these stories?

      1. The baby naps a lot. Trust me, there’s been quality Bubbie time happening. And I have an iPhone and a net book. Portable communication devices rule.

      2. Oh, we would get along so well… except for the fight over the chargers…

  4. I was thinking New York,not in Brooklyn but on the island. There’s a Fulton Ave. in Hempstead NY. Enjoyed the story. Afraid I haven’t followed you long enough to know who this Doug is. Maybe one day I’ll explore.

    1. There is probably a Fulton Ave in every town, I guess… with a coffee shop on it too. Some people may be thinking this one may be near Hilo.

      1. p.s. this Doug is not in any other stories I’ve written…

  5. Hi Ted,
    I grew up on Fulton Ave. – in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a dirt street with no coffee shops at all. You do a good job here of capturing the writing dreams of a lot of us. I’m sure your hero is thinking about his novel while flipping burgers or doing whatever. Ron

    1. No, he was dreaming of his Starbuck’s like empire for people to fulfill their dreams at. Sometimes the dreamers fulfill their dreams. Thanks, Ron.

  6. Hey thanks for stopping by and reading so many of my posts! And becoming a follower. You are living just below me!! I’m in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Back to you. I’ve clicked through some of your posts and then you also a photo blog and a Blogspot blog? Or is my first glass of wine confusing me??

    1. I have a photolog, where I try to post a photoaday… ooh, I still have to do today’s! Your wine has not confused yet, but by the time you read this… well, let’s hope you can still read… I still have the original blogspot blog, but WordPress is better and with so many more people. I think your posts are hilarious!

  7. I think there is a Fulton Ave somewhere in Chicago too…enjoyed the story very much

    1. Do you live in Chicago, Boomie? I’m sure there is… thanks…

      1. I used to, now i am an hour outside of Chicago…

      2. I lived on the Northside in Wicker Park and Bucktown for 10 years.

  8. and “yes,” i would like fries with that. well done.

    1. Bingo… thanks, Rich…

  9. Bollywood… Hmm.. Hmm… If it’s our Doug, he can do a lot better! 🙂
    Or perhaps it would be an exceptionally good Bollywood movie after all! Who knows? 🙂
    I liked this very much. You captured the nervousness of making it happen when it’s actually happening very well. Good work Ted! 🙂

    1. Oh, very good Bollywood would be written in one of his coffee shops… my favorite is ‘Monsoon Wedding”. My daughter met her husband while they were both traveling alone in India, and told me about going to the movies there. They go back every 5 years or so.

      1. I haven’t seen Monsoon Wedding. But I don’t watch a lot of movies.
        Your daughter’s must be a sweet story! 🙂

        I used to visit Pete’s a lot when I was in Sacramento. In fact I wrote a lot of Friday Fictioneers posts there. Coffee places do bring out the writer in you! But I could never write a Bollywood-y story. One day!

      2. 1… Pete’s in Midtown?
        2… Don’t ever say ‘never’.
        3… You Haven’t Seen ‘Monsoon Wedding’?!?!
        4… It is a very sweet story… I will tell you

      3. Pete’s at J and 19th I think. Is that midtown?
        Yes, Never is not a good word, should never be used. I try to avoid.
        I get that a lot. “You haven’t seen THAT movie?!?!” I think I saw Jurassic Park in bits and pieces here and there. So you can imagine.
        Yes, I bet it would be a sweet story, it has all the makings of one! Do tell me sometime.

      4. Yes, that’s Midtown. I had a jewelry store at 22nd and K and went to Pete’s often. It started as a pizza parlor. I guess you aren’t much of a moviegoer. Rent MW… you will like it, and it might inspire you. I’ll email you the story of my own ‘Indian Lovers’.

      5. Really? Small world!
        I have started catching up on movies now.
        Have added MW to the list.
        I look forward to your email.
        Happy New Year Ted! 🙂

  10. Ted,
    “Soon maybe the next Canterbury Tales or something for Bollywood… as he was going global with his empire. Colors, fabrics and shapes danced in his head, as did slogans, jingles and logos.” Christmas Poetry Ted…Best line from you since I have been reading your work…Tis the season.


    1. Thank you, Tom. High praise indeed.

  11. Nice to have a dream and depict how it can often boil down to things like “chairs or lack of” and how pursuit of a dream has to start with “the first customer in a mini-van.” Actually an inspiring tale. Very well done!

    1. Thank you, Perry… it all starts somewhere I guess. I think my story can be taken a couple of different ways, and in my story the guy might be starting out and your guy is kind of the other way… I liked yours a lot.

  12. Big dreams. To be realized on car at a time. Nice job, Ted. 🙂

  13. Nice one. We all need a dream to get us through the day.

  14. Dear Ted,

    You captured the dreamer’s heart in all of us with your tight tale this week. See that guy over in the corner typing away on his computer? That’s this Doug. Your Doug is of the same stripe and I’m glad he’s making his dreams come true so that I have a place to hammer away at mine.



  15. Very nice Ted…well written.

  16. Very nice and full of dreams. Dream big, I say

  17. I loved it. We all have big dreams, but you have to start where you are.

  18. We all need our dreams. We all need a place to write. Good story. I liked it.

  19. Looks like he’s off to a good start. Good one.

  20. The Great American Dream – coming to life.

  21. I would enjoy having a cuppa in a joint like that 🙂 Nice story, Ted.

  22. Ted,
    Love your version of this and how the last sentences wrapped everything up.
    Glad to know a fellow NWesterner here as well! Love Friday Harbor!
    Happy New year new friend!

  23. We all have that special place where we lose ourselves in the words. Mine comes with a comfy chair, a window overlooking the Blue Ridge, and a cup of coffee. Here’s to Doug and all dreams! Thanks for your story.

  24. Dreams are what writers do and then write some more.

  25. A large cup of hot coffee please & a window seat near the door…want to make sure I see all the action!
    I love your story…hmm, wonder who the first customer is? 🙂

  26. Wonder if he already has a picture frame for that first dollar bill? Nice story, Ted. You had me leaning out the window with him.

  27. […] To see my original story from 2012, I changed a little bit today, mostly punctuation… View Original Story […]

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