Friday Fictioneers… PARTYTIME…


Debra was a bundle of nerves. Her first party.

Janet and Rich had been over for Pinochle, but that wasn’t really a party. And strip poker one night, not a party… a disaster.

The ashtrays were out and the wine punch made. Scott had cut up the Velveeta and artfully stacked it on a tray. She was finally using the cut glass crystal they had collected, two plates at a time every Saturday night.

All the ladies had arrived, and her card table displayed the featured attraction. Time to get started.

“Hello, my name is Michelann… and this is Tupperware.”


This week, our FriFicMuse Rochelle, has tempted us with a photo taken in the kitchen of  Scott Vannatter… to see other stories, maybe with Scott’s cat, check out these Fictioneers.

Debra's Party with Michelann showing her Tupperware

Debra’s Party with Michelann showing her Tupperware

Earl Tupper

Earl Tupper


86 responses

  1. I like how you always have a little twist at the end, Ted. I also liked your sentence: “Janet and Rich had been over for Pinochle, but that wasn’t really a party.” 🙂

    Slight confusion for me: in the first line the woman’s name is Debra, but in the last line the speaker is Michelann?

    1. Debra is giving the party and Michelann is the Tupperware representative. Thanks, Dawn.

      1. Oh! That makes sense. (It’s been a long time since I hosted one of those….) Thanks, Ted. 🙂

  2. Love the twist at the end….so it’s one of those dreaded Tupperware parties. lol. Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. You are welcome… thanks for the comment.

  3. I would like to hear about the strip poker!

    1. HaHa… me too, although maybe not in this case.

  4. hmmm how can strip poker be a disaster?? unless it was all women! then yeah ok, I can see that. Good story, I haven’t been to a Tupperware party in many years. 🙂

    1. Strip poker is a disaster when people chicken out, from my experience . But, for this story, I was thinking more in the vein that there were regrets.

      1. ahhh ok, then I see that. If one is going to chicken out one shouldn’t play. but I understand the regret thing.

  5. I like the artfully stacked Velveeta. That’s difficult to do!! I never really got into the parties where you invite 100 of your closest friends so that they can spend money in order to get you free things. 🙂 Merry Christmas and may you have only fun parties.

    1. Yes, isn’t it sticky? Thanks, Janet.

  6. Ha! Tupperware party. I remember those.

    1. When I was first married, wife went to one her sister gave… it was a big deal to have a Tupperware Party back then.

      1. I know. And that is some good plastic and it has gotten even better over time. I think there’s still one of those green bowls in the cabinet.

  7. I never would’ve taken Rich for a Tupperware aficionado. Really fun story, Ted. Refreshingly unique.

    1. No, he and Janet liked Pinochle… but we know Scott likes Tupperware. Glad you approved, Rochelle…

      1. I love the pictures, Ted. Adds to the ambiance of the story.

    1. You know what? I knew you would.

  8. Ha! I want to get my cats a job. They could start paying their own way. Nice twist.

    1. Cats will never pay their own way, I think. Thanks.

  9. This is great Ted. I’m stealing it…And some Tupperware!


    1. Be my guest, Tom… Glad you liked it.

  10. Great Christmas fun! Loved the inclusion of fellow writers as characters, too.

    1. Oh, you noticed… Watch out.

  11. A blast from the past, welcome this time of year. Nice.

    1. Thanks… I remember when it was all the rage. Didn’t want anything dark, and I saw the container… I have that one!

  12. What happened with the strip poker? Will it be Tupperware from here on out? Maybe the cat will let you rub her tummy at the Tupperware party. That will spice things up! Good one! Way to turn up the past and incorporate it into your story.

    1. I’ll have to write one about that strip poker party. No cats though. Take care of your Tupperware…

    1. A special one to you, Aggie… and to Mama Bear.

  13. I’d forgotten about Tupperware parties… great take on the prompt.

    1. Thanks, Sandra… Probably one thing we all have in common when you think about it.

  14. Hah! Loved it. And the picture at the end.

    1. Thanks, Claire… I about died when I found that photo… It’s from the 60’s.

  15. Well, hell yeah I’m a bundle of nerves. I hate throwing parties where I ask people to spend money. I’d rather provide a bunch of booze and get them all happily drunk. 😀 This story gave me flashbacks to events my grandmother would talk about. My mom must have attended one because we were drowning in Tupperware. LOL. I can tell you had fun with this one. So why was strip poker a disaster? Everyone was too shy? That’s why you need the booze. I’m telling you, Ted.

    1. I think everyone went to one back in the 60’s, Debra. They started the whole thing. Now it’s adult toys… Damn why didn’t I think of that!

  16. Good old Tupperware, now supplanted by so many other house parties. I can remember well my mother’s first one, and you captured it perfectly!

    Here’s mine:

    1. Thank you. It’s funny how times change. There would not be an ashtray in sight today. My ex stii has the crystal ones with I’ve silver edge we got for a wedding gift. It gets candy now?

  17. I like how she reserves the cut crystal glasses for the Tupperware party. 🙂 Great story.

    1. My mom had those, and they came out for special occasions, like Thanksgiving or a Tupperware Party. Thanks, David.

  18. A Tupperware party – I think I’d prefer the poker! Great story. I had to Google Velveeta – I don’t think we have that in the UK – so I learned something new too!

    1. That makes us even… I’ve had to Google things like Marmite. Velveeta is not something you want to rush out and buy. It was a big deal in the 50’s. I’d definitely prefer the poker… but don’t tell anyone.

  19. Aloha Ted; I would write the story a little bit different. And refer to you attending the party. It would go something like this.

    Hi, ladies it’s great to be at the party, thank you for inviting me to your strip poker game.
    Oh, but wait a minute, how come I’m the only man here?

    Well we couldn’t get anyone else to come to our party tonight so we thought that we’d invite you and you did bring dinner?

    Then what’s all the Tupperware for?

    Will we ladies really like to take home leftovers at the end of the game.

    Anyway that might give you the idea where I would’ve gone with this.
    Pictures are good inspiration. You can make up many things about any subject matter within this picture, that could be fun.

    Have you heard from Doug? Stay well have a great holiday aloha from Hawaii, Ken!

    p.s. don’t forget to bring the seasoning.

    1. You should write a story next week… I will send you the prompt. Later, my Kama’aina.

  20. Tupperware party? I’ll pass.

    Nice little story, I loved the the anticipation of preparation and the party. And in the end you got us crashing down. I quite liked this ride. 🙂

    1. What do you mean pass??? Now I know what I’m getting you for Christmas, Parul.

  21. Dear Ted,

    Your story was shot through and through with a real sense of time and place. Without taking anything from its overall effect on me, I too, would like to add that you’ve got another story waiting in the wings re strip poke parties. This was a nostalgic piece. Good job. Loved how you used all FF’er names for your characters.



  22. Thanks, Doug. That was another era, things not done anymore. I’ll keep that one in the wings.

    How did your Santa gig go? I’m sure you passed muster with the kiddies.

  23. strip poker was a disaster because it wasn’t on the night i was there. hmmm. strip pinochle? anything is worth trying twice. well done. lots of fun in there.

    1. Thank you Rich… high praise indeed. Would not try strip pinochle.

  24. Could strip poker be combined with Tupperware? Great take Ted. 🙂

    1. Hmmm… I don’t think so… I liked your poem.

  25. I think Tupperware parties have been replaced with Lingerie parties–at least I hope they have. I like the line about the ashtrays. It took me back to the old TV cigarette and magazine commercials when smoking was the fashionable thing to do and everyone had “their” brand. A very enjoy story, Ted.

    1. I thought ashtrays would put it in a time frame… plus the Velveeta, of course. Thanks, Russell.

  26. um… what the hell is a Tupperware party? lol ^^ but seriously, i love your unique take on the prompt. ahh but strip poker, yes,i believe i’m familiar with that…

    1. Thanks, KZ… you naughty girl… but, you must have some Tupperware…

      1. oh yes we do ^^ but i didn’t know they were sold in parties too.. i thought trunk shows are mainly for dresses, jewelry and um.. toys.. ^^

      2. Hah… yes, that was the start of all the home party sales… my second wife went to a um.. ‘toy party’… that was a great night…

  27. good one, life starts with the Velveeta slices.

    1. Maybe Kraft can use that slogan… I wonder if they even make it anymore? Thanks…

  28. Tupperware party…very nice. Well done on this sir, very original.

    1. Thank you, Boomie… first thing I saw…

  29. I used to do some in home sales. Oh my! What horrible memories.

    1. Thanks for the prompt, Scott… better go wash that Velveeta off your hands…

  30. Tupperware party – goodness! Original there…!

  31. Hi Ted,
    A tupperware party. I’d completely forgotten those existed. Maybe they’ll liven it up by making it strip tupper. Good one! Ron

    1. Thanks, Ron. That might be a mixed clientele.

  32. LOL, Ted, you teased us all with the strip poker line, but the Tupperware party was a fun flash from the past, too. It’s been a while since I’ve been to any of the parties that expect guests to buy things, but at least the Tupperware is functional and the sex toy parties are quite entertaining, hahaha!

    Great story!

    1. Hey, thanks Madison. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of those.

  33. Thanks for NOT obeying the prompt. This made me LOSE it!!!
    BTW, we used to play Strip Authors. More interesting.
    Especially the envy card … Henry W. Longfellow.

    1. Oh, but I did… Look on the table… I just didn’t use the cat. Strip Authors, huh?

  34. Ah, the Tupperware parties. Thanks for the photo of Earl Tupper, the man behind the legend.

    1. You are most welcome… and Earl thanks you.

  35. Well done here Ted. This gave me that pit of stomach *cringe* that everyone thinks of when a Tupperwear party is mentioned. I have to say, I was at one about a year ago (yes, they still happen) that I didn’t expect. Needless to say I immediately started asking where the beer was so I could start a solo-strip-poker party while everyone else bought plastic dishes.

    And strip poker with all women (per comment above) couldn’t ALWAYS be a disaster..just add a camera, most men wouldn’t care HOW it turned out. Haha…

  36. Hahaha! What a combo – A strip poker, Tupperware Christmas party! Well maybe the strip poker event happened before Thanksgiving… Love it!
    Thanks for coming by Ted and bringing it to the party!

      1. Thanks for the shout Ted!

  37. Hey Ted! Nice to bump into you at Susie’s party. Did you have tupperware there with you? I didn’t see it but you know her munchies are always fab and there just might have been leftovers!

    1. I’m sure Susie has lots of Tupperware. She is too funny. Nice to meet you, Patricia.

  38. Strip poker and tupperware? Ohhhh Myyyyy! You have a fun blog! Signed up to follow by email. Thanks to Susie!

    1. Hey, nice to meet you. I liked your blog!

      1. Thanks. I try to keep it fun and interesting. I appreciate the love.

  39. Reblogged this on TedBook and commented:

    Rochelle is turning back the Hands of Time at Friday Fictioneers, for the holiday season. Called, taking a few weeks off… well deserved I might add. So, I’m digging back into the TedBook Archives and bring out the post I did to this photo. Enjoy.

  40. […] Source: Friday Fictioneers… PARTYTIME… […]

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