You are bound and determined to leave the modern world and go back to basics on this one.  She will be impressed.

You stop cleaning the BBQ long enough to check progress in the bucket. The clay has to be the right consistency.

‘Hell, a turkey is too big.’ You decide duck over chicken. Not so much to cover, sounds more exotic.

To pluck or not to pluck… that is the question. You decide to pluck, and cover with lettuce.

She is coming over at seven to a table with candles and flowers.

You serve up a steaming clay egg.


I have changed the last line of my story, from ‘black’ egg to ‘clay’ egg.  The duck in question is cooked in clay and brought to the table and cracked open.  I think people thought I meant a burnt duck egg.  

This week, our FriFicMuse Rochelle, has tempted us with a photo taken by the Aloha Man himself… Doug MacIlroy .  After seeing this photo, I now know where the Keck Observatory obtains the fantastic photos of the distant planets in the Universe.  To read what other writers see in Doug’s garage, click here:

To see the Adventures of Doug and Ted… click here:  ABOVE THE CLOUDS  and here: KING OF THE MOUNTAIN … Hey!  This is my blog!

41 responses

  1. Dear Ted,
    I hope this isn’t the same she who last week needed to be called 15 times a day. A man who cooks is worth is weight in black duck eggs. (Or was that gold?)
    Good job.

    1. Heavens no, I don’t even know if it was a she… or what was in the room. The greatest joy is cooking for a woman.

  2. Whoops! Sounds as though it might be a hair (or a pin feather) overcooked!! A turducken without the tur. An overcooked ducken? Good luck to him.

    1. Ha! Actually, it can be done with the feathers on… although I don’t think I would try it that way… I’m not a caveman.

  3. I hope the lady is impressed! 🙂

    1. Me too, P. I would think so, though I’ve never seen it done myself. I’m sure the duck is quite succulent.

  4. Ah, I love to cook, so I am worth that much in black duck eggs?

    1. We better stick to gold, Scott.

      1. Yep, might even taste better.

  5. Duck does sound more exotic, and clay cooking even more so. Excellent!

    1. Bingo, Bumble… you got it! Thanks.

  6. I don’t know why…that black duck egg does not sound appetizing to me. Before she arrives, maybe you should call and order Chinese…they make great duck dishes.

    1. haha… no the duck was in the ‘clay egg’.

      1. p.s. I went to make Peking Duck once… have you seen how many steps???

  7. I had chicken baked in clay in Hong Kong a long time ago – I think they called it Beggar’s Chicken, and it was brought to the table with much ceremony, other diners standing up to applaud and watch whilst I cracked it open with a ceremonial mini-hammer which was given to me to keep as a souvenir. So embarrassing – should have stuck with the 100 year old egg. This took me back – I’d forgotten. Truly original take on the prompt – thanks for the nostalgia prompt.

    1. You are welcome, I would love to have been there with you, Sandra. Do you still have the hammer? And that’s what they call it. I was a potter once, and we always wanted to try it. I still have some bags of clay, I’ll have to see if they are the right kind… though they’re pretty old.

  8. To pluck or not to pluck? Great question and great take on the prompt!

    Here’s mine:

    1. Well, I was in Hamlet once, I played Rosenkrantz! Thanks.

  9. Hi Ted,
    Amazing what men will do to try to impress women. Good story. You cooked up a good one. Ron

    1. No kidding… I did once take cooking classes so I could impress women… It worked… but more importantly, gave me a new appreciation on life.

  10. Oh I bet the duck turned out delish! I’d try it and I’d be impressed with any man who cooked me that. Good one!

    1. I would love to cook for you, but I’ve seen your blog… Old Rooster Kitchen… I’ll leave the cooking to you, Jackie. I’ve already printed out some recipes.

      1. I do love to cook, but it’s always special to have a man take over for a night. 🙂 I’m glad you like my recipes enough to print some out! Thanks.
        Also, I have my short flash story for FF, give it a read if you can and let me know what you think.

  11. rub-a-dub duck in the clay it is stuck.

    1. Such a poet, and don’t know it! (sorry, I haven’t said that in 60 years)

  12. Sounds delish. Very unique approach. You’re like a well of information and ideas. I’m sure she will be impressed, if not a bit surprised.

    1. Hey thanks, Debra… Sorry I can’t stay to chat, but I’m busy reading ‘OPEN DOORS:Fractured Fairy Tales’… I especially like ‘The Lonely Egg’ by a Debra Kristi… Seems appropriate here…

      1. LOL. You wouldn’t eat poor Humpty Dumpty now, would you? Thanks for reading, Ted. It was a fun little piece to write.

  13. This was unique, I definitely recommend plucked, feathers in the mouth is a BIG setback.

    1. I would leave that method to the cavemen too. Thanks…

  14. Ted,
    I personally love cooking but I have never cooked up a duck in a clay egg. For the right woman a man will do just about anything.


    1. I haven’t either. And, you are right, Tom.

  15. I’ve heard of this process, I wonder how it taste? I like how you built up some anticipation in your story. Well Done Ted.

  16. I’ve never heard of that way of cooking a duck before. How interesting.

    BTW, that’s an interesting note at the end. I didn’t make the connection between Doug being at the observatory and Doug contributing the picture. Hmm, extra-solar planets, eh? I sense a conspiracy theory coming on 8^)

  17. oh, poor guy, there’s a lot of mental running around going on in there. good luck to him to pull it all together! well done.

  18. Dear Ted,

    A culinary masterpiece. Do yu know that once in Hilo a family tried to use a disc golf basket to barbecue a chicken? Reminds me of your story.



  19. I’m coming round for Christmas lunch, Ted. Or should I be going to Doug’s? Good story, with a great hint of love (or at least wanting to impress) for the guest.

  20. Heck of an interesting story, Ted, and the comments here definitely add to what I’ve learned about cooking today! Aloha Doug’s photo prompt has really given us some variety 😉

    BTW I visited a local observatory once, as part of an astronomy course with the Open University. So seeing the Keck telescopes ….. *drools*…. lucky guy. 🙂

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