Friday Fictioneers… A CHRISTMAS STORY

The tinsel is hung and the lights are now lit. He is out of a job again.

He used to get to take it all down, the guy living under the Jibboom Street Bridge gets to do that now. Maybe if he moved. Such a hassle though, and he really favored the underpass near Cal Expo.

He would miss the Mall, especially the nice people working in the food court. He had hoped to catch a fast-food job,  but it was not to be.

The job had its perks though, for at camp, he’d been popular with the leftovers.


Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for taking time from her 41st Wedding Anniversary Celebration, to lead the Friday Fictioneers and offer one of her own photos for our prompt. 

If you would like to contribute a story… go see Rochelle

To read some great stories based on this photo…

Enjoy… Ted

19 responses

  1. interesting story!

  2. Well presented view of life from the difficult side – especially the glimpses of how hard your character tries to get by.

    1. I’ve not been there, but know people who have. Thanks, I wanted to show an honest man in tough times.

  3. Ted, I got the feeling this man was trying to make it and the world just kept pulling the rug out from under him. I hope he finds a way and a person/group to help him get back into life. You made me care about him.

    In the last sentence, you want “its” instead of “it’s”.

    1. Thank you… and once again, thank you for keeping me on the puncutational path… (I made that up, but you know what I mean)

      1. Or in the grammar garden or on the periodic table or in the apostrophic atmosphere… 🙂 You’re more than welcome. It’s part of my grammar nazi heritage.

      2. I bow to the grammar nazi…

      3. Bowing isn’t necessary, but always appreciated.

  4. Your piece keeps the season real. Especially this year with so many out of a job. You made me feel for the poor guy.

  5. allow me to have fun:

    The tinsel is hung and the lights are now lit. He is out of a job again. (17 words)

    Tinsel hung, lights lit, and he’s out of work again. (10 words)

    He used to get to take it all down, the guy living under the Jibboom Street Bridge gets to do that now. (22 words)

    He once took it all down. The guy living under the bridge, does now. (14 words)

    I just bought you 15 more words. ready…………..go! ah, just having fun.

    i’ve had periods in life when i could have gone this way, and might have, but i was lucky to have family to force myself to be with. well done.

  6. For all that he’s homeless and out of a job…again, he doesn’t seem to be bitter. Thanks for participating twice, Ted. Well done.

  7. Way to stay positive. This reminds me of a story I read in school called Family Under the Bridge. One of the main characters would fit this person completely. Great story.

  8. A sad one Ted, with an unfortunately but likeable MC. Good one.

  9. Interesting Ted, nice job

  10. Nice job with this, although sad. It’s a reminder that many are just y surviving, now more than ever. It’s amazing, too, how close people are to this predicament.

  11. Another story reminding us that not all are happy with the holidays. Jobs are scarce, making it difficult for some people to enjoy.

  12. Dear Ted,

    Found it. I’ve been close to this story a time or two, as have we all, only the majority of us are not aware of when that moment came and passed. No matter. A great story (X2) from you this week.



    1. Thank you, Doug. I liked your story… lots of depth there.

  13. That is really the seasonal workers to the extreme. Well written.

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