Friday Fictioneers 50 Word Flash Fiction… TRUE LOVE

She knew he loved her, when she no longer woke to the sound of the stream hitting the water.  His aim for the porcelain told her so.

His sun rose and set on her.

It’s been forty-one years since he stomped on the glass… he’s still hitting the porcelain.


The post is a Special Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt… Unauthorized I might add… Total fiction… any resemblance to real people may just be intentional… Happy Anniversary!


Here is the link to this week’s  great stories…

28 responses

  1. That one is a heart warmer, l`chaim !


    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 21:21:22 +0000 To:

  2. Will this make Rochelle flush just reading it? 🙂 Nice humor for my afternoon, Ted.

  3. Very sweet…..and funny……!!

  4. I can’t help but grin, Ted. Thanks…I think.

  5. Very cool Ted!!!!! A lucky couple!!

  6. You were really on a roll this week, weren’t you, Ted? 😉

  7. This one made me laugh. Good story!

  8. Hi Ted,
    I guess showing your love is a very personal thing. But does he put the seat back down? Ron

  9. so you used this picture instead? i wish i had thought of doing that!

  10. Do guys in love really care what kind of sound they make? Hurry…Hurry…Splash…Splash…run, jump back into the sack.

  11. Happy Fictional Anniversary! Knew it couldn’t possible be true. I mean every time???? 😀

  12. I was tempted to use this picture too. Nice one Ted, tempted to show it to my other half when we’ve got guests.

  13. Great writing – a unique way to describe love! Perhaps we can persuade Rochelle to post another wedding photo next week so that we can all write from that.

  14. nice one Ted, Have a nice weekend, take care

  15. Dear Ted,

    Am I the only male that sits down to pee?

    I like that you chose the Fields’ kissing picture as a prompt and that your story was unique. I recall you saying you were going to write two this week. Looking for treasure.



  16. Hey Ted, that was a great surprise for me and i hope for the Fields…a cute little story there and picture ooo! Well done!

  17. A way to a woman’s heart ….. Maybe it’s that simple hmm. Nice writing.

  18. Love it. Beautiful story, Ted.

  19. some stories are watered down, this wasn’t. Nicely done.

  20. I must have missed this (2nd glass of wine) but what exactly is Friday Fictioneers?

  21. […] Friday Fictioneers 50 Word Flash Fiction… TRUE LOVE ( […]

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