Friday Fictioneers… KING OF THE MOUNTAIN

“Drink water… Lots” I do. For 13,796 vertical feet. Have to pee.

“Take a flashlight. Follow me. Don’t touch anything.” I do and I don’t.

Dark, cold in here. I’m in a parka. Ironman in a tee. Hard to breathe. Mother Hen MacIlroy sticks something on my finger, checks oxygen level. “You’ll live.”

Inside the dome, faint lights illuminate a sci-fi movie.

“Don’t stand there or you’ll be crushed to death.” I move closer to him.

Giant doors rumble open, letting in the night sky with a twinkle. The massive telescope moves to view light made billions of years ago.

Thank you Doug…

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Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction… This week’s photo prompt is by Sean Fallon… go to see Rochelle… ADDICTED TO PURPLE … for info on how to join us.

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29 responses

  1. Great telling Ted, I espeically liked ‘I do and I don’t’ – made me have to read the sentence before again to see how it fit. I didn’t guess where you were, but it sounds like a great experience.

    1. Thank you, Anne… Doug works at the W. M. Keck Observatory on the Island of Hawai’i.

  2. interesting take on the prompt.

    1. Thanks… I knew the moment I saw the batteries…

      1. Good for you I had no idea. So I let my fingers find the key it wanted.

  3. Between your two stories (will there be more??), it sounds as if the two of you had a wonderful time. How nice to be able to meet another Fictioneer!!

    1. That was the best part!

  4. Wonderful. What fantastic adventures.

    1. Indeed… of a lifetime.

  5. Beautiful imagery, Ted.

    Seriously nice…Mother Hen MacIlroy? I’ll remember that one.

  6. Great story…..GREAT pictures!

  7. Stunning pics and a well-told account. I love the last para,it really captures what must be an extraordinary moment

  8. Dear Ted,

    I didn’t mean to be so bossy. Just wanted to be able read your great writing for this week’s prompt (brilliant interpretation) and have the opportunity to be your friend for a lot longer. (And I was covering my ass. I like my job. I hope you understand:)



  9. Again, envious. Great description of your Keck adventure.

    Here’s mine:

  10. A real ingenous take on the prompt.

  11. Hi Ted,
    Thanks for sharing what sounds like an exciting and unique experience! Glad you weren’t crushed to death. That could have seriously dimished my supply of good flash fiction! Ron

    1. Yeah, but you might have been able to use it in a story! Thanks, Ron.

      1. “The splinter of ice at the heart of writer”, as Graham Greene once wrote.

        A nice piece Ted – I love the barked instructions.

  12. Viewing the night skies through such a powerful telescope must have been an overwhelming experience–and “Dark, cold in here. I’m in a parka. Ironman in a tee…” brings us back to earth.

    1. Well, I didn’t actually get to look through the telescope… just see it. Unlike what you would think. I did see the computer screens that did look through to the distant galaxy.

  13. was that supposed to be “sic-fi ” or “sci fi”? i’m jealous of the experience.

    1. Thank you, Rich. I knew there was a reason I like you to read my posts.

  14. Enjoyed this adventure, Ted. How wonderful you and Doug could spend some buddy-buddy time together. However…next time, would you save a little space in your duffle bag for me?

  15. I see you were inspired by your experience. 😀 Very cool. I love that you included pictures of your time at the telescope. Sounds like a dangerous place in the dark. You best be careful.

  16. Great job, fascinating pictures!

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