Carnival Ride at Dusk…

Carnaval Ride at Dusk...


7 responses

  1. i recall when we used to ride those rides and the best was at nite for the ferris wheel with all the lites on, txs for sharing tedester

  2. Cool pic Ted, love those rides

  3. I remember riding this when around age 13 with my brother and sister in-law. My brother kept telling his wife the lynch pin was held in with baling wire. While we were on it, a girl in one of the baskets got sick and puked on the folks in the basket beneath her. It was quite a memorable evening 🙂

  4. Nice pics Ted……I’ve never been much of a rider but I have always enjoyed watching them……the fair is always a fun and diverse experience……thanks for sharing……

  5. Ted- I’ve lost many a shoe to rides like this one. Nice shot.

  6. Great shot. The memories of riding one of these is enough to make my stomach turn.

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