100 Word FridayFictioneers… SLOE GIN

Sloe Gin was the only thing I could steal. The old Chinaman always watched us like a hawk, but I was able to slip a half-pint into my pocket. I’d never had Sloe Gin, but it was quickest to my hand.

Drank the whole thing at the dance, since my date said she didn’t want any.

I probably shouldn’t have driven, but Joan didn’t know how to drive yet, and made a big deal about not having a license.

I made it part way and had to pull over and run into the bushes.

No more Sloe Gin for me.

A lovely photo prompt by Madison this week… inspired me.  To read more stories, go to   http://madison-woods.com/  click on the Blog tab, and follow the links.

28 responses

  1. Good one, but eewwwww!

  2. I LOVE sloe gin…or I did, but the photo and your story has rather put me off…

    1. I’m sure sloe gin is just fine… just not when you are sixteen and stupid. I’ve been trying to think of the cocktail that uses it.

  3. That didn’t end quite the way I expected. Very nice job!

  4. Nice job and I bet he won\’t steal that one again.
    Mine can be found here at yaralwrites.com

  5. I remember having some sloe gin as a teenager. My cousing got sick and threw up all over the side of my car–a pink, sticky mess. Neither of us ever drank sloe gin again.


  6. Ha ha, nicely done. I’ve never had any sloe gin myself, thank goodness 😀

  7. rochellewisoff | Reply

    Good take on the prompt. Exactly what the photo puts me in mind of.

    1. Dear Ted,

      At least I had the good sense to comment on this the first time around. It’s still a good one. Fun to rerun and see who was around then, isn’t it?

      I see that my link leads back to my good ol’ blogspot blog when I hadn’t quite gotten the commenting thing. Hared to believe it’s been two whole years.



  8. I can’t even be within a 20 mile radius of Slo Gin…not since the Summer of 81 anyway.

  9. Oh my, back to my teens, that is where this story led me. Unique use of the prompt, I liked it.

  10. I’d forgotten all about sloe gin – that’s the one that turns a pretty color in 7-up, right? Haha, nasty one to get sick on, for sure.

  11. Blech. I had a similar experience after an evening of red wine, and had to beg my date to pull over. Which he did, just in the nick of time.

  12. I love sloe gin! But it definately is a slow drink…also, if your vomit looks like that you should probably see a doctor! Nice work on this story.

  13. LOL. I was totally grossed out by the picture before I read what happened. Chuckling the whole way just anticipated what was coming. Love it! Sorry I have been so absent this summer my friend. Kids will be back in school in two weeks!

  14. Creepy picture but fun story. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it!

  15. Sounds a little too realistic this… written from experience?

  16. I drank a crapload of just regular gin once as a teenager. Vomited, passed out, all that.

    I’m 49 now, and still the thought of gin makes me queasy.

  17. I often make sloe gin. Lovely stuff. But your story – yuk (in a good way).

  18. That china-man fixed you that night.
    He knew not watching like a hawk would fix you good.

  19. Ouch.. I think it was good you only made it half way…

  20. Probably felt afterwards the way this photo looks!


  21. Seems many people have a Sloe Gin story hidden within us. Thanks for reminding us.

  22. Ted, I never drank sloe gin, but then there are a lot of drinks I’ve never experienced. Very realistic description. Good he didn’t have an accident. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  23. Does everyone have a similar sloe gin story….why does sloe gin exist….only for this purpose?

  24. Dear Ted, Yuck, I remember Sloe gin. Didn’t have a good experience with it either of the times. Good job – but keep a bucket nearby. Nan 🙂

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