FRIDAY FICTIONEERS… One Natural Disaster On It’s Way…

The top is off!!!

I told them not to screw with things… would they listen? Nooo… and now there’s no top. There one minute, gone the next!

Would it be so hard, just for once, to have something done right? What are we going to do to explain this one? A landslide won’t work here, and of course floods are out. I guess we’ll have to hurry and pull a Mount Saint Helen’s before the sun gets up to high… and the natives see it’s gone.

This is such a pain in the ass… but we can’t have another panic.

It must be Friday… time for Madison Wood’s Friday Fictioneers, and some 100 Word Flash Fiction!   To see all the stories or to join in and add yours, click here.

 Credit for the Photo Prompt belongs to the Aloha Man, Douglas MacIlroy on the Big Island.  He works at the Keck Observatory on top of Mauna Kea… 13,522 feet above the Hawaiian Sea.  To see another great photo taken from his office and to read a celestial account of his job ➢➢➢

45 responses

  1. Ha. You have several of those top off things out your way, don’t you?

    1. Ring of Fire, baby…

  2. Lol. Who was responsible for this debacle?? That person’s job needs chopped. The title of this cracked me up. Nice job.

  3. I love the title and the post is great!
    Thanks for stopping by mine, here is the link for others who might want to check it out.

    1. Thank you, I liked your poem.

  4. This was great. I can just imagine the office chaos. Great take on the prompt. Here’s mine:

    1. Office chaos… I like that!

  5. A disaster wainting to happen. Is that not what we all do? governements especially. they never listen and never seem to do things right. Good show! Mine is here:

  6. Fun and full of urgency. Someone’s head will roll.

    Mine is here:

  7. Aliens??? They are always screwing with things…. Funny!

  8. I have issued an APB for a missing mountain top. Several have been located here in the Ozarks, but none that match the terrain in the photo. And those darn natives . . . they’re always restless. This will just give them one more thing to complain about.

    thanks for the nice comment on mine. Here’s the link for others

  9. I can almost envision Bob Newhart (or a young Bill Cosby: “… Riiiiiigt!”) doing this as a stand-up. If I stand in the right place on a clear day, I can see Mt Shasta, Mt Adams and Mt St Helens all at the same time. How can we explain THAT? Thanks for the guffaw. Mine isn’t funny (actually, one could be, since I wrote two this week). Anyone interested will find them over at

  10. I love this, a behind the scenes look at creation/destruction from a god’s perspective?

    Here’s mine:

  11. Well there you go, even the god’s have messes to clean up. Hilarious!

  12. Who’s messing with these mountains? And I foresee a firing in the near future!! Nice to know that we’re not the only species that is capable of screwing up! Here’s mine:

  13. I loved this and had fun imagining the POV character (whomever that might be) pulling his hair out at the ineptitude of his cohorts. Excellent! And thank you for reblogging my story, too!


    1. When something is that amusing at 6 in the morning…

    1. Thanks, Dutch… your story was touching. I thought the description of Jessica was sweet.

      Thanks too, for the heads up on the Monscindogen.

  14. Very surreal and the light tone gives it the perfect edge. I really liked the voice of the narrator — had me chuckling!

    Thanks for commenting on mine already!

    1. Thank you, Brian…

  15. I’m gonna second Susie Lindau here and say this is the work of aliens. And we thought we had it bad with crop circles, now they’re abducting our mountains! The scamps!

    Here’s my entry. It may also be the work of aliens.

    1. I was thinking aliens or gods…

      1. Hey… thank you for adding me to your twitter feed…

        I know it’s 100 words, but your story needs to be longer.

  16. ok ok who took the muffin top?????

  17. Lol, nice take on the prompt

  18. You need one of those zappy things from Men in Black and find a new top…quick! This was a fun take on the photo…but now you have my attention…WHAT HAPPENED?!

    ~Susan (

    1. haha… guess they faked a volcano!

  19. Dear Ted,

    My apologies for taking so long to get to your story. I’m up on the summit as we speak. Winds are howling and domes are closed to keep out volcanic dust.

    Your tongue in cheek story is a hoot and places you firmly in the embrace of the large group of writers who fixated on the truncated look of that cinder cone. I was amazed at the amount of ‘lopped top’ stories the photo generated.

    I must be used to seeing cinder cones. Around here they’re called Pu’u’s and they’re everywhere but none more beautiful than Poli’ahu, which is the cinder cone on the photo.

    You and Carlos need to get together and ingest some good Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, see what other mountain tops you can remove with your combined imaginations. I’ll sell tickets.



    1. Thanks, Doug. You must be having a blast reading all these stories, and seeing what your photo did to your friends.

  20. See, this is the problem in believing absolutely in applied science – somebody always screws up. Apparently, God has these problems too. He did have his troubles with angels, didn’t he? And that’s got us all in a hell of a situation. My story is much more secular!

  21. They’ve gotten themselves in a fix, haven’t they.
    They ought to consult a politician for the perfect cover story.

    Here’s my story (not a cover story, though. lol):

  22. i prefer ones like this, in which something is happening and not just searching for the perfect adjectives and metaphors or similes to describe a picture. i wonder how this would be if it were all dialogue, like arguing between two “gods.”

  23. I liked that, hahaha, and wonder what manner of entity is screwing around with our topography!

  24. That’s hilarious! Had me chuckling all the way through. There’s something very familiar about it. A confirmation of certain unspoken suspicions…

    In case someone wants to read my offering, it’s here:

  25. I like feeling like a native. At first I thought, oh, this must be from thousands of years ago and this was the perspective of God, but then i thought, what if it’s present day and the natives are us!

  26. Funny! I enjoyed this. Reminds me of “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” and now I have that silly song stuck in my head!

    Thanks for your nice comment on mine. For others, it’s here:

  27. What if there’s a hidden government base inside that mountain? Did they blow the lid, I mean top off? Or maybe the aliens took it to get a closer look at that hidden base. Hmmm. 😉

    1. Maybe it was Loki…

      1. It very well could have been. Sounds like something he would do. 😉

  28. Really like this :). Thanks for stopping by to read mine from today

  29. I’ve loved them all so far……leave one wanting more…..

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