I rarely ever reblog a post. This one must be on TedBook. I always enjoy Jan’s stories, and comments on Madison Wood’s Friday Fictioneers.

Jan Morrill Writes

This week’s photo prompt on Madison Woods‘ Friday Fictioneers is by one of our fellow Fictioneers, Douglas McIlroy. Doug, I thought the photo was beautiful, so please don’t take offense to my story. 🙂

Click here to read other Fictioneer stories, and please feel free to leave a link to your story with your comments.

The Original Pout

Eve trudged behind Adam, huffing. “I liked the garden better. On what day did God create this place, anyway?”

Adam walked faster. “Believe me. It’s for the best. If you’d listened to me, we’d still be in Eden. How many times did I tell you to leave that snake alone?”

 “I was only trying to be social.” She wrapped her arms around her naked body. “Guess you know we’re going to have to wear more than fig leaves here. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Eve, I’m listening.”

She pouted…

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4 responses

  1. Thanks so much for the re-blog, Ted! I’m glad you liked my story. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the story. There were a lot of good ones this week, but none as good as this one.

  2. great pic and story i really enjoy seeing and sharing stuff like this.
    so glad i am included, good work u guys

    1. Why don’t you join us next week, Margie? You tell a good story. I’ll send you the prompt.

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