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  1. this is gorgeous i love it
    is it a capdimonte?

    1. I’m not familiar with that term, Marge. Or is it a name of a maker of such lamps?

      1. Wow, Margie… some beautiful things there… maybe. That house was beautiful with wonderful treasures inside.

      2. Looks more metallic than Capdimonte. There’s a lot of work in it though. Very delicately done but a bit busy for my taste. Another world, another time.

      3. You know, I think you are right. I will take a closer look next time I am there. Yes, another world and another time.

  2. You surprise me . . . I like it too. A lot.

    1. Of course You would like it…

  3. ted, capodimonte ( i know i am not spelling it right) but it is hand made in italy and means top of the mountain on the petals of the flowers u can see the finger print of the artist i have seen chandliers such as this one in fact i had a much smaller one in my guest bathroom when we lived in calif, i would suggest u check it out (capodimonte not my bathroom :)) on the net quite interesing, and yet just some more beauty that italy has to offer not only me and fran, love this pic blog keep them coming my friend happy memorial day to you, miss u in aggieland, hugs my friend

    1. I did check them out… really nice things. I will have to ask the designer I was working for, may she knows where it came from. It has been there a while I think.

  4. Ted if you find a place to buy one, let me know! It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Is your house finally ready for one?

  5. I am sitting under a very similar one all in cream with white porcelain flowers! Nice!

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