The other day, Stephen Elliott of The Rumpus said this… “I’ve been reading about Bob Dylan in 1965. He was tired of music and fame and he went to upstate New York to live in a cabin and be alone. He didn’t even bring a guitar. He said he quit music. After five days he started writing what many consider the best songs of his career.” That got me to thinking…

I saw Bob Dylan in 1965 at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento. A girl I was interested in at the time suggested I take her, as she had no money to buy a ticket. I had no idea who Bob Dylan was, but thought it was in my best interest to buy the tickets.

The Auditorium seats 3,000… there were about 600 in attendance, scattered all about. Bob came out on the stage… a skinny guy with a guitar and a folding chair. He sat down, strummed his guitar and sang a song. After a few songs, he told everyone to come down and sit in the chairs on the main floor. In those days no one stood at the front of the stage and lit matches or waved Bics… and certainly not cell phones. I thought that was a cool move on his part.

I enjoyed the concert and my introduction into the World of Bob Dylan. I didn’t get laid that night, but I did get a Bob Dylan record the next day.

Highway 61 Revisited was that album.

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  1. This is one of my favorite albums.

  2. Good story Ted, I didn’t think Bob had a great voice, after many years it’s even worse, but because he’s a legend, people still love him, the only 45 i remember buying of his was” Lay Lady Lay,” I really liked the song, He was a better writer than singer and in those days he sounded alot better as well. goodnight my dear ♥

  3. Terrific story. I have never seen a star on the ascendent like that, but it must be a cool thing to look back on.

    Sorry you didn’t get laid.

    1. I did later. I was lucky to see two big stars in that auditorium before they became famous. The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. I saw others… Eric Burdon and the Animals were one of my favorites. I also saw the great James Brown one time. My wife was 8 months pregnant with our first daughter, Krista. The building was really shaking at that concert, and she said Krista was jumping all around and she was worried. She is a fine young woman these days… and a pretty good dancer.

  4. With Dylan, it’s not so much about the nasal voice; it’s all about the words. He’s a poet, rather like the troubadours of former times.

  5. Ted, that was such luck. Finding someone like that at that moment in time. Seminal, profound luck. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I had a couple times like that in that auditorium… early ’60s when I was in high school and college… Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan… the place wasn’t sold out. The Beach Boys sure were the next time they came to Sactown… they loved Sacramento and recorded one of their albums there… I’m in the picture of the crowd in the center of the album. I was a sophomore in college then.

  6. […] Bob Dylan Revisited ( […]

    1. Thanks for attaching me to your Dylan Blog… you have a great voice, btw…

  7. What an awesome experience to have. Thank that girl. You’ll probably have fonder memories of that then the other (getting laid). Unless she was royalty or the love of your life. Just saying. Bob Dylan! And with a small crowd. You’ve just spark cool memories of my own concert attending adventures.

      1. Then it should be VERY memorable! 😀

  8. Nice! I’m a huge Dylan fan. I like his voice, music, and lyrics. What a great concert to see at that time.

    1. It wasn’t really a big deal to me at the time, but I sure treasure it now.

  9. What have you been up to Ted? I just passed the Sunshine Award your way!

  10. Another great story Ted….love Bob…..and how great to see him in such an intimate crowd…….yes…something you will always treasure…..!!

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