AS THE LOCKET TURNS… by Carrie Rogozinski

As the Locket Turns.

In remembrance of the event 100 years ago, I have a guest author.  I thought  you might enjoy a nice short story by my neighbor to the North in Vancouver, B.C.,  Carrie Rogozinski.  It seems she may have uncovered some new clues…

8 responses

  1. What a compliment! Thank you very much for linking to my little tale 🙂 And thank you for reading and leaving wonderful comments. I do appreciate it.

    1. All good stories need to be shared.

  2. It is not a little story.

    Rather, a story. A good story.

    My tennis coach would not allow diminishing self-talk. He taught me important lessons.

    1. I quite agree, Diane. Thanks for reading.

  3. Nice going theodore, where have you been?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Aggie… Tell your followers about Carrie’s story.

  4. Thanks Ted. That was a great story – but it’s based on such a tragic event. You just can’t imagine what happened being any worse. xx

    1. Hi Hotlyspiced… she did put an interesting spin on things. I like how the heroine ended up with the Countess, who really was on the Titanic and survived.

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