JUST AN EMPTY SPACE

Well… She’s Gone For Good!   After my last lament regarding the missing truck, so many readers wondered, like I, what the hell had happened to her. One, was my son-in-law Steve. He didn’t just wonder… he called his friend Kevin.

Now, there is a show on the History Channel called ‘American Pickers’… kind of the poor man’s ‘Antique Roadshow’… where two guys go around the country combing  junkyards, garages and people’s ‘collections’ finding hidden treasures, just as worthy. They would have a ‘field day’ at Kevin’s. He is San Juan Island’s Premier Collector. Island Stage Left needed a rusty old-fashioned radiator for their latest play… Steve called Kevin… they have a rusty old-fashioned radiator for their latest play. At our County Fair each year, one of the highlights is ‘Trash to Treasures’ hosted by Kevin. So, who better to ask about a missing roadside attraction.  Kevin knew all about my truck.

She is a 1946 Ford Flatbed, with a flathead V8 engine. In fact, he had offered to buy her at one time and was told the owners of the property just liked having it sit there… they enjoyed looking at her while passing by on the way to their ranch. It seems a neighbor did not share the same affection and deemed her an eyesore. Word has it, that a scrapper had permission from the non property owner, and took her in the middle of the night. As Kevin says… “These guys scrap first and ask questions later”. The goods are carted off the island to be sold for scrap metal to one of the mainland salvage yards.

They call these guys Tweekers… as most are methheads, trying to score their next ‘eight ball’, so they can make it a few more days. So, that’s what my truck became… 1/8 ounce of Methamphetamine. Steve, Kevin, their friends in the collecting community and the Sheriff knows who they are… but, you can’t do much if you can’t catch them in the act. And you can’t station someone to watch the ferry lines night and day. Unfortunately, the problem has spread to outright theft of property, not just abandoned vehicles.

I have never shed a tear upon hearing of some mainland fool being electrocuted while attempting to steal the power company’s transmission wires to sell. I hope that does not start happening here… or maybe…

Island Stage Left’s latest Production ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ plays at the County Fairgrounds Theater from April 5 – 29…

This post was not prompted by Madison Wood’s Flash Fiction Friday, but certainly qualifies… to see talented writers prompted to create by this week’s photo…

20 responses

  1. Well that is too bad, the way it was taken away. I like things like that. Old, unused and not where you would expect to see them. Like the one of the bicycle grown into the tree.

    1. me too…that bicycle was quite a story…

  2. sad but at least u know what happened.
    i too love really old stuff, there is beauty in it, that one must have an eye to see it
    Txs for sharing
    double m

    1. Thanks Margie… sniff…

  3. So sad! 😦 Now here is a question…Do inanimate objects have feeling or is it our love for them that sees a soul?

  4. Why didn’t you turn it into a planter?

    1. that was what it was on it’s way to, when snatched.

  5. It’s so frustrating that you know who did it but unless you can catch them in the act they’re allowed to get away with it. It’s like the laws are there to protect the criminals and too bad for everyone else.

  6. Things like that make me so mad. I’d be looking at all my neighbors differently from that point on, wondering.

    This is slightly different, but a couple of years ago we had a neighbor that would complain all the time about our tree and our other neighbor’s tree dropping leaves in his yard. He would go crazy. We cared for our tree, getting it trimmed back regularly. A year ago my neighbor went on vacation and returned home to find her tree gone. He had hired a company to take it down. They didn’t even ask questions to verify if he was the homeowner or not. This is no little tree we are talking about. This tree had been there for 40 years. He ended up paying out for a huge lawsuit and his wife left him. It wasn’t pretty. Why do people think it’s okay to destroy other people’s property? I don’t get it.

  7. I’m glad you followed up on the truck story. We had an old cast-iron stove that we kept in the backyard — filled the burner openings with plants/flowers and it made a lovely addition to our outdoor living. Someone carted it off in our absence–probably sold it for scrap. I’m still angry about it–miss the nostalgia of it (they’re almost impossible to replace, anymore).

  8. A nice one Ted, really needed the postscript too and i enjoyed this piece. Sure, it qualifies for us to see. Well done!

  9. If my husband stole it, rest assured he is fixing her up. (haha) We have five vehicles – three of which are “classics”…alas, we don’t have her.

  10. Oh, what a sad tale. I too, think inanimate objects have a soul — especially those we have loved.

  11. It is amazing that you found all of that out. When we traded in my Expedition in Cash for Clunkers, I actually felt sad that they would be pouring plastic in its engine so it would die for good…

  12. Oh no! What a loss of an old beauty. I would have almost shed a tear over the truck being stolen like that, but also have never felt much remorse for people getting their just desserts while doing wrong things.

  13. Sad fate for the old beauty….so glad that I have many photos of it!! And yeah…amazing that you discovered what happened to it…..Thanks for the update Ted!!

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