My friend Mel in Sacramento sent me this animation.  He said it was one of the most amazing he had ever seen.  I quite agree.

I am very squeamish when it comes to anything medical.  I don’t even like to hear a description, much less see it.   My own blood does not bother me, but please, don’t tell me about your operation.  So I wasn’t sure when I saw the opening seconds, but was glad I stayed the course, for I sure learned a lot.

Probably what kept me watching, was the subject (patient), was an artist working on restoring the paintings in the Sistine Chapel… a subject dear to my heart, as Ross King’s book Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling is one of my favorites.

9 responses

  1. Very interesting, and another book to add to my list. Thank you Ted!

    1. I guarantee you will like it, Kerri.

  2. that was awesome, enjoyed it
    seems a miracle how we can be put back together again unlike humpty dumpty txs for sharing i appesch

    1. Thanks Marge… Humpty Dumpty… that would have been a great title… wish I had thought of it!

  3. That was great Ted…I learned a lot too……have to give the book a try….thank you!!

    1. I did too… you will appreciate the book and his efforts. How’s the Bluebird?

  4. Good One Ted, the video was great ♥

  5. Ted! You big baby! There was no blood!! 😆 I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dear Ted,

    That was amazing, especially the hip joint replacement, a procedure I may one day undergo. Thanks for sharing.



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