Friday Fictioneers #1… SEMI-PRECIOUS GEMEMOIR

The brilliant orange stone in the glassine envelope is a Padparadscha. It is man-made, as are the other stones in the photo, I suspect. The size and quality would indicate so… if natural they would be in paper packets. This photo resets many memories… from a lifetime so long ago.

The countless hours spent studying colored stones at the G.I.A. on the way to a Gemologist Degree.

The hours spent buying and selling gemstones.

For some strange reason, when I saw this photo, I thought of the day when I opened the jewelry store, to find our safe lying on it’s back with the door open…

It’s funny how one thing leads to the other… I was looking at some creative writing sites, and a photo caught my eye.  Having worked in the family jewelry store, before leaving to ‘find myself’,  I read with interest.  It appears the photo was a prompt to inspire writers to create a story 100 words long.  Apparently they do this on Fridays… hence the name of the group Friday Fictioneers.  The Headmistress is Madison Woods.  She posts a photo with her story, and her followers add theirs.  I enjoyed reading the different stories ‘prompted’ by the photo.  She invited me to try, so I did, even thought I’m not a Fictioneer.  Do see Madison and check out all the different stories suggested by the pretty sparklers…  MADISON WOODS

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  1. Ah gemstones… Something I appreciate about you is how you integrate your past experiences with your present ones, in creative ways that educate entertain and give others something to think about… while you are moving on into new experiences and stories.

    And yes, that burglary was shocking and traumatic for you all who ran the store. Though I didn’t live in Sac then, it rocked my world too.

  2. Wow! So you have been so closely involved with gems and you stumbled on this photo in between the maze that’s the cyberworld! What were the odds!
    That’s true calling in my eyes! It’s as if everything transpired for you to discover friday fictioneers! 🙂
    Welcome aboard! Hope to see you around every friday! 🙂

    1. I was having that thought myself, and for a few hours I could not get it out of my mind… so I finally joined Madison and her band of merry writers. Thanks for the welcome, parul.

  3. Dear Ted,

    Welcome aboard. The world spins on jeweled bearings invisible in the inner works of the mechanism of this life. That you chanced upon the photo prompt and were immediately drawn to its time warp, stronger for you than others, and lingered long enough to write what you did is, for me, significant.

    I love the way you write, the cut, the faceting, the presentation. Hope to see more of your on Fridays and all days.



    1. Thank you, Doug… I had no choice but to join, if just to see the amazing words that are coming from the island to the West… I live on an island to your East. It did seem fated.

  4. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my story.

    It’s interesting to read a real gemologist’s take on these jewels we’ve all been staring at this week. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that they’re artificial.

    1. Thanks, a.m. I enjoyed your story… it has been quite a ‘writing tour’ the last few days.

  5. Thanks for reading/commenting on my story. I didn’t realise until I visited here that you were speaking from personal experience and therefore able to corroborate the facts. The robbery must have been quite shocking.
    I wondered why the gems would have been in paper packets and not as shown, if they had been real.

    1. It was the most surreal sight I have come across in my lifetime, it was in 1967, I think. Shocking does not begin to describe… and it is the only time I have ever seen my father cry, until my mother died 40 some years later.

      p.s. I think I would put the French Bread first… but then, I have not met your husband…

  6. Wow that’s awesome that you found the Fictioneers. What’s even more awesome is that you commented on my story about them being fake. I call is kismet (sp). You should join in the fun. This was my first week and the response so far was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for the bit of knowledge shared above.

  7. Hi Ted, nice job thanks, take care my dear

    1. Always glad to have you read TedBook, my most faithful reader.

  8. That’s great that this evoked a memory for you. that you can look at this picture and just know the gems are man made js really amazing to me! Though the memory in question seems gut wrenching. Welcome to Friday Fiction! 🙂

    1. Also, the fact that they are fake helps make my story make sense. Well, maybe not. Thanks for stopping by my site either way!

    2. Thanks… that did kind of go with your story, didn’t it. Looking forward to reading your story this Friday. I only hope I can come up with something… that may have been a fluke. It will be fun to find out.

  9. Such a great idea, and it seems like the perfect fit for you!

    Now excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin…you know I also have a BS in Earth Science, right? If I hadn’t been so passionate about photography I might have gone down the Gemologist path, although I have absolutely no designing/creative skills.

    1. You have no designing/creative skills… silly creature… how do you explain the photographs you take?

  10. You are officially a Fictioneer! Welcome to the group!
    Great story and a good punch line at the end!

    1. Thank you… I thought you would like the cliff hanger… see you Friday.

  11. Great story again Ted…..crazy about the safe on it’s back…door open…was anything ever recovered? Also….finding the Fictioneers is so cool….it’s always good to stretch ourselves….and you may find this opens doors for you….in writing…..Gems….well….we love gems…..Thanks Ted… it!!

    1. Your Gems are on canvas, Jill. Yes, a lot was recovered… an interesting story, I’ll tell you sometime.

  12. Hi Ted: Thank you for reading/commenting on my story. Welcome to MadisonWoods FridayFictioneers. Pleased you have joined us. Amazing how you happened to come by the site.,,believe it’s called “serendipity.” I’m sure you will have interesting stories to share with us. With your expertise, of course you would know the gems were artificial. I suspected at first sight of that strange pink round one which captured my eye and resembled a baby’s teething ring…hence the seed to my story. Remember Madison posts her ph. prompt on Weds. to give us time to prepare our stories for Friday.

  13. Thank you Lora… yes, I think ‘serendipity’ might have been in play there. There is a book store here in Friday Harbor called Serendipity… Jill knows it… one of those used bookstores ‘packed to the gills’ with books spilling all over the place. It always seems that a book finds you when you go in and wander about, not the other way around.

    What I want to know… after years of frustrating leads… what was the detective searching for?

  14. I love serendipity 🙂 And gaudy as those baubles are, the dragon in me loves sparkly gems and always has since I was a kid. But I rarely wear jewelry of any sort, lol. I just like to hold and look at them.

    Sorry that the prompt brought back traumatic memories, but happy it led you to us! Hope to see you again next week 🙂

    1. Actually not traumatic now. But that was sure something. The worst part was the items customers had entrusted to our care. We did recover some of the more important pieces for them. The old pros were caught, and since we had photos… that really helped nail them.

      See you Friday!

  15. I love that this photo inspired you to write non-fiction! Very cool 🙂

    1. Thank you, Stacey. I leave fiction to my daughter, Ashley… but I might join your ranks some day.

  16. Good one, Dad!!

  17. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    Wonderful! 🙂

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